Firstly, congratulations to the School of International Relations & Diplomacy for winning this year’s Spirit Week. This victory marks their second consecutive Spirit Week win so extra congrats are in order for defending your title as the most spirited school! The winning team will be celebrated with an all-expenses-paid Pizza Party. Only 15 points behind, in second place we have the School of Business Administration and in third the School of Journalism, Media and Visual Arts. Fourth place went to the School of Humanities and Social Sciences– thank you to all our participants for making this week the most fun one yet!

Monday 8th: Kicking off this exciting week with a day of #Twinning outfits, we set fire to the fuel of students ready to take on the challenges of Spirit Week! Featuring a BBQ, some discounted refreshments, and a raffle of our latest merchandise, MC Dan Padolsky had some encouraging words to share before leading students outside for a surprise fire performance by Vojtech! The evening was capped off with the first round of points grabbing in the pub quiz.

Tuesday 9th: X marked the spot with an exciting treasure hunt around Malá Strana. Charging ahead in points came the school of International Relations and Diplomacy!

Wednesday 10th:
Bringing out the creative talents in students, Spirit week, day 3, brought out imagination through the costume contest, and poster contest- results of which can be seen hanging at the stairs in the main entryway!

Thursday 11th:
Blowing the competition away, Humanities rocked the Lip Sync contest before competition heated up with the School of Business claiming victory in an intense beer pong championship!

Friday 12th:
The closing ceremony took place at Marina Brewery where all students were welcome to rally for their school, enjoy some delicious snacks, and a celebratory open bar

Special mention to Geeya Patel and Zachary Stuck for leading SIRD to victory with first-place showings in the Lip Sync contest; Treasure Hunt; Twin Day; and Costume Contest, and to Yelizavieta Korytnyk’s SBA team with prominent victories in Crown Wars and the Beer Pong tournament We hope everybody had a good time, and we look forward to another great Spirit Week next year!


  1. School of International Relations & Diplomacy – 110 points
  2. School of Business – 95 points
  3. School of Journalism, Visual Arts, & Media – 80 points