Having been selected as part of the Top 20 for Miss Czech Republic 2022, AAU student Denisa Forner is aiming for something more than her graduation cap this year! In this insightful interview, Denisa touches on what it’s like studying while pursuing her personal goals. From self-esteem and supporting your fellow woman to being business savvy and entering the corporate world, this ambitious woman is reaching for the stars.

Living in Prague, Denisa is currently a third-year Business Administration student with an emphasis in Marketing and Communication. As a straight-A student with a GPA of 3.95, she receives our Merit-based Scholarship– we’re very proud to have her with us! Not only that, Denisa greatly enjoys her passions outside of the classroom with a flair for languages, being fluent in both English and French and as a member of the Business Club. Currently, she is an intern at the language institute of Charles University analyzing the market and competitors. Denisa has also participated in a consulting program with Virginia Commonwealth University consulting for the company Sportisimo.

Denisa Forner, Miss Czech Republic pageant, 2022

The Miss Czech Republic pageant provides young women between the ages of 17 to 25 the opportunity to participate in a unique all-inclusive beauty contest. Established in 2010 as ‘Miss Face Czech Republic’, and has evolved into ‘Miss Czech Republic’, this pageant has been running strong for 10 plus years, sending its winners to compete in Miss World and other international pageant programs. It is a platform supporting the efforts and activities of the Czech Neonatological Society through donations.

Why did you choose AAU?
AAU is a great community of international students and professors in heart of Prague. I chose AAU for my bachelor’s degree because I believe that international education in business is a key part of a successful professional future. Furthermore, I wanted to study fully in English. I have grown so much as a person during these past 3 years so I’m thankful for this choice.

What is your most memorable moment studying with AAU?
One of the most beautiful moments for me was the homecoming ball where I finally met my classmates after a long-term period of online classes due COVID-19. I was so glad to see the AAU family all together!

Denisa and friend, Homecoming Ball, 2021

Who inspires you at AAU?
Without singling anyone out, the professors are my inspiration in AAU. I have been so lucky to have world-class professors who are knowledgeable, and most of all, supportive and truly caring. In the past, I have felt trapped and unsupported in school… it was detrimental to my self-esteem and mental health. AAU has a great environment that has helped me grow and prosper. It has been life-changing and I am so happy I attended!

“It does not matter where you are today but where you can be tomorrow.”

Denisa Forner, 2022

How did you get involved in the Miss Czech Republic Pageant?
I was working for years to improve not only my mental fortitude and self-esteem but also physical appearance and I saw the Miss Czech Republic as an opportunity for my personal growth. I have had a long journey with fitness, beauty, and self-help, and saw beauty pageants as a natural progression and hopefully one day a crowning achievement (pun intended!). Miss Czech Republic seemed like a natural fit for me because I live, study, and work here in Prague, and I admire the organization as a whole. Miss Czech Republic dedicates lots of time and resources to its charities and I can see the improvement we made during these past months as TOP20.

Denisa, Miss Czech Republic pageant, 2022

What inspired you to participate in this pageant?
A few years ago, my life was a mess, I was barely passing secondary school and my physical appearance was not the best as well. I was not driven and more importantly, I didn’t believe in myself. I decided to compete in the Miss Czech Republic pageant to support those who don’t believe in themselves. And I would like to encourage women that all the dreams are possible to achieve and that it does not matter where you are today but where you can be tomorrow. Because if I could do it, anyone can. 

Is this your first pageant?
I tried to apply last year to a different pageant and failed to make it past the first round.  I had plenty of things to improve, mainly my walk and presentation skills. AUU has helped me tremendously in this path also, notably in public speaking and in general knowledge. Every bit helps.  I worked on myself and half a year later, I applied to Miss Czech Republic where I was chosen for the top 20 from over 2000 girls. 

What are your aspirations for the future?
My short-term goals are finishing my bachelor’s degree and applying for a master’s. I want to concentrate further on business, mainly management. I am very career-minded and hope to be successful in the corporate world. I would like to climb the corporate ladder and join the “rat race”, though I am aware this goal can be looked down upon in modern times, I believe the corporate world is a good fit for me. I am proud to work hard, especially because it doesn’t come naturally for me. I will compete for the Miss Czech Republic and aim for success, fingers crossed!

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