We are delighted to announce that a substantial contingent of AAU faculty is currently participating in the prestigious ECPR conference in Prague.

Thanks to the guidance and support of our respected lecturer, Dr. Zuzana Fellegi, five of our students are presenting their research results at this event. These students include Hannah Schermer, Nawal Badurova, Brooklyn Ferenc, Geeya Patel, and Hunter Vaugha. 

Furthermore, Dr. Zuzana Fellegi is hosting a panel focusing on legal approaches to gender issues, which you can explore at https://ecpr.eu/Events/Event/PanelDetails/12745.

Our IRD Dean, Dr. Alexei Anisin, is leading a panel on Pacifism and Nonviolence https://ecpr.eu/Events/Event/SectionDetails/1302, where many of our AAU lecturers are presenting their research papers.

We are thrilled to witness such strong representation from our faculty at this prestigious event.

ECPR is the leading scholarly society for political scientists in Europe with over 300 institutional members in nearly 50 countries. As of January 2021, AAU has become a member institution, which allows AAU students and faculty to participate in ECPR events and become members of some of its standing groups.