Zuzana Fellegi, Ph.D., LL.M.

Ms. Fellegi is a human rights lawyer and political scientist active as Senior Lecturer at AAU School of Law and International Relations and Diplomacy. She studied human rights, European law and political science in the Muhlenberg College, USA; the Humboldt University, Berlin; and the Sciences-Po and l´ENA, Paris.

She previously worked in the field of Justice and Home Affairs for the European Commission and as General Director for Human rights and Minorities in the Office of the Slovak Government, where she cooperated with numerous international organizations such as the UN, UNESCO, OECD and OSCE. Through her studies and work in several European countries and in the USA, Ms. Fellegi attained considerable cross-cultural experience and is fluent in seven languages.

She is currently a member of the Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) and its Standing Group on Gender and Politics (ECPG); the Czech Gender Expert Chamber (GEKR); the Association of Female Foreign Policy Experts and the Society Women in Law in Prague; The DenDip network. She participates in the work of the Czech Governmental Council for Equality of Women and Men and she is a member of its Committee for Gender Equality in Politics and Decision-Making. She specializes in Human Rights and Gender Issues, European Law and Politics, and International Organizations and teaches classes in these fields.


  • Human rights and rights of women at regional and universal level (EU, CoE, UN-CEDAW)
  • Anti-discrimination, gender equality and gender mainstreaming
  • International organizations and their human rights impact
  • Human rights impact of military conflicts and humanitarian interventions
  • EU policies and European comparative politics
  • Cooperation of Visegrad states, Central European issues


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