Tony Ozuna, M.A.

Letenská 5, Prague 1
Office No. 3.14


Tony Ozuna is an American (born in Los Angeles), living in Europe since the early 1990s. He joined the faculty of Anglo-American College (later to be University) in 1995 and then began working full-time in administration in 1998 as Coordinator of the School of Humanities. His teaching experience includes Academic Writing for Ph.D. students at CERGE-EI, the Center for Economic Research & Graduate Education, of Charles University. From 1998-2004, he was Coordinator (and periodically Acting Chair) of the School of Humanities. In 2004, he became Head of the Journalism program, while continuing as the Coordinator of the School of Humanities. After the accreditation of the Journalism program, in 2010, he became Associate Dean for the newly created School of Journalism, as well as for the School of Humanities & Social Sciences. In 2009, he initiated for AAU a contemporary art gallery “art SPACE” (part of the Knights of Malta campus at Lazenska 2), and this activity to promote an art community at AAU continues till this time as an “outdoor” exhibit space in the courtyard of the Thurn und Taxis palace. In 2014, after the accreditation of the Visual Art Studies program, he managed three bachelor’s programs and two MA programs as Associate Dean of the School of Humanities & Social Sciences and the School of Journalism. In 2018, he became Associate Dean of the newly created School of Journalism, Media & Visual Arts (BA programs in Journalism and in Visual Art Studies). He was Dean of the School of Journalism, Media & Visual Arts till 2022. Since February 2023, he is Art Director of the School of Journalism, Media & Visual Arts.

Before joining AAU, he worked as editor-in-chief and co-founder of Yazzyk Magazine, an English language literary and arts publication that focused on contemporary Czech fiction and poetry in translation. He studied Politics with an emphasis on Public Policy for an M.A. at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), and after finishing that program he worked as an academic researcher for the California Policy Seminar (UC Berkeley) and research assistant at UCSB for a project on Mass Media and Hispanic Politics. He earned his B.A. degree in Politics from the University of California, Irvine. Tony Ozuna is a writer (cultural journalist, essayist, fiction and non-fiction) and affiliated with publications including Umelec International, an arts magazine which published in four languages (Czech, English, German, and Spanish), Yazzyk, the Prague Post, and more recently as Senior Writer for Jazz in Europe, All About Jazz, Transitions, and previously for Czech press, Hospodářské noviny.


Jazz, Contemporary Art

Publications & Other Activities

  • Rituals and Sacred Spaces, group show with artists Alejandro Gomez de Tuddo, Rafani, Veronika Richterova, Jan Petranek, Drew Martin, and Natalia Vasquez (GALERIE CALIFIA, HORAŽĎOVICE, 1. 8.–19. 9, 20012)
  • The Freak Show, group show with artists Veronika Bromova, Josef Bolf, Doro Krol, Lenka Vitkova, Marie Hladikova, Clint Takeda, Jolana Rucharova, and Drew Martin
  • GALERIE CALIFIA, HORAŽĎOVICE, 21. 8.–31. 10, 2009,
  • The Freak Show II, group show with Veronika Bromova, Josef Bolf, Lenka Klodova, Clint Takeda, Lenka Vitkova, Marie Hladikova, Jolana Rucharova, and Drew Martin, A.M. 180, PRAGUE, 13.8.–27.9.2010
  • “Censor This!” Umělec, volume 14, 2-2010
  • “El Czechano” The Return of Král Majáles. Prague’s International Literary Renaissance 1990–2010. An Anthology. Ed. Louis Armand. Prague: Univerzita Karlova v Praze, 2010. 621–645. Print.
  • “21st Century Czech Decadence”, Umělec Live, March 2–June 9, 2010,
  • “1989. End of History or Beginning of the Future?”, Umělec Live, October 9, 2009–February 7, 2010,
  • “Muz Bez Korenu”, Los Angeles Hosti Vystavu Znameho Ceskeho Fotografa Josefa Koudelky. Expozice Pote Poputuje Do Madridu. Hospodarske Noviny, Kultura, Ledna 2015,