Anglo-American University is a global university with students, faculty, and staff from all over the world and we are closely monitoring the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Our top priority remains the health, safety, and well-being of our community, on and off-campus and we are prepared to evolve as the situation develops.

As of June 1st, with additional health and safety measures, Anglo-American University is again welcoming visitors on campus for admissions meetings and tours.

To ensure the safety of our visitors and staff, we would like to kindly ask to adhere to the following:

  • Schedule and confirm an appointment with an Admissions Counselor in advance of the visit; 

  • Groups are limited to five guests at a time; 

  • Please bring a facemask, required for entering indoor areas of our campus

To schedule an appointment please email [email protected].

Important Updates:

Fall 2020

Classes will be in session for Fall 2020 and an option for students to pursue their studies at AAU will be available regardless of travel or COVID-19 related restrictions. In light of COVID-19 AAU is going to: 

  • Offer Online Virtual Classes 

For the Fall 2020 semester, AAU will offer online virtual classes which will maintain a personalized approach and accommodate those of you who are unable to begin face to face instruction. The asynchronous classes offered at various time slots will allow students living in different time zones to choose the best classes for them. For local students or those who will not be affected by travel restrictions, AAU will resume face-to-face instruction in Fall 2020 given that it is in accordance with government and health regulations. 

  • Adjusted Fall 2020 Semester Dates 

AAU has decided to delay the start of the Fall 2020 semester; therefore, shortening it to 12 weeks. Classes will now run from Monday, September 21st until Wednesday, December 16th, 2020. 

This means students coming from the states or countries whose citizens are exempt from the visa requirement for travel to the Schengen Area, specifically citizens of countries listed HERE will not be required to obtain a study visa to attend AAU for the Fall 2020 semester. 

  • No Late Intake for Fall 2020 

Due to COVID-19 we will not have a late intake for Fall 2020. To see the most up to date version of the academic calendar click HERE. 

  • June 18th – Virtual Open House 

Are you deciding which university is right for you? With students from more than 80 countries, we understand that an on-campus visit might not be possible for everyone, but you can still get to know AAU online!

Our virtual open house events allow you to learn about our programs, student life, what we are doing about COVID-19 and ask your most important questions to our admissions team during a live Q&A! The event will take place from 15:00–16:00 CET on June 18th, 2020. We’re excited to e-meet you! 

To attend, please register HERE

If you have any questions or concerns, please email [email protected] and a member of our admissions team will be happy to guide you through the process. 

Support Available for Current Students:

Dean of Students and Student Services Staff

The Dean of Students and the Student Services team are available to answer questions about student records, housingcareer services, registration, visa issues for continuing students, and more.  
Dean of Students: [email protected]

Student Services Center: [email protected]

Student Support Squad

A collective of AAU staff and faculty that are assigned to individual students to check in on periodically via email in case they may need support. 

Are you an AAU student who would like to have a check-in from a member of the Student Support Squad? Email: [email protected]

Virtual Instruction Task Force

A collective of AAU Faculty, Administration and Students collaborating to create a more effective online classroom experience. Their aim is to: 

  • Provide on-going assistance to AAU faculty in implementing and improving online course instruction for the rest of the semester. 

  • Recommend instructional tools to enhance the virtual classroom (Microsoft Teams) and NEO experience

  • Communicate with faculty regarding reminders, questions, concerns, or procedures using appropriate offices and channels (e.g. IT, VPAQ)

Members: Joshua Hayden (Chair), Joseph Weintraub, Carollann Braum, Mark Wiedorn, Sean Regan, Arshad Hayat. Administrative guests: Richard Olelha and David Lipka. Students: Elizabeth Miezejeski and Benjamin Rutledge.

Need extra support or would like to provide feedback about your virtual instruction experience? Email: [email protected] 

Student Task Force

Organized by the Virtual Instruction Task Force in collaboration with AAU Student Council, with faculty oversight from Carollann Braum and Joe Winetraub, the Student Task Force aims to involve students and provide a platform to discuss ways to improve the student academic experience. Two members of this task force sit on the Virtual Instruction Task Force to report on activities and improve communication.

Members: Katerina Schell, Kristian Krejsa, Valeriia Novitskaia, Lindsay Salvati, Iryna Volkovska, Elizabeth Miezejeski, Hanna Ripper, Anel Burshakbayeva, Samuel Hencel, Benjamin Rutledge, and Artom Dmitriev.

Virtual Psychological Counseling

Psychological counseling will continue to be available for free to all AAU students, faculty and staff with appointments conducted at a distance during the COVID-19 school closure period. Counseling is provided in English by Dr. Désirée Gonzalo, a clinical psychologist. 

For more detailed information regarding AAU's Psychological Counseling services please visit: or email [email protected] to make an appointment.

Virtual Academic Tutoring

Academic Tutoring will continue to be available for free to all AAU students.

To book a virtual session with an AAU tutor, visit or email [email protected] to make an appointment. 

Virtual Career Counseling 

The AAU Career Center will continue to be available for all AAU students during the COVID-19 school closure period. Counseling is provided by Elizabeth Novacek, AAU’s Alumni & Career Development Specialist. 

If you’d like to discuss your internship, your CV, career prospects in the time of COVID-19 or would simply like to chat email [email protected] to make an appointment.

Campus Operations:

Reception & Main Campus Hours: (6.7.2020 – 10.7.2020)


Tuesday: 8.00 – 21:30

Wednesday: 8.00 – 18:00

Thursday: 8.00 – 15:00

Friday: 8.00 – 21:30 

Library Hours: (6.7.2020 – 10.7.2020) )


Tuesday: 9.00 – 17:00

Wednesday: 9.00 – 17:00

Thursday: 9.00 – 17:00

Friday: 9.00 – 17:00

Outside these hours, the campus will be open only to Staff & Faculty upon request by email to: [email protected]

Effective immediately:

All students are allowed to come to the AAU campus for individual visits to the library to borrow or to return materials.

Students who are graduating this year may come to campus for:

  • consultation with a faculty or staff member if arranged ahead of time, with a maximum number of 5 people present

  • artwork (especially to finish their final project), if arranged ahead of time with a maximum of 5 persons present

  • clinical and practical instruction and internships, if arranged ahead of time with a maximum of 5 persons present

To be eligible for the above-mentioned activities, students must:

  • not have acute health symptoms consistent with COVID-19

  • disinfect their hands before entering the room with disinfectant provided by AAU

  • not be in quarantine

  • submit a written affidavit confirming the absence of signs of viral infectious disease within the previous two weeks. This affidavit will be available at the Library and Reception Desk.

Effective May 15 – 25, 2020:

All persons shall be prohibited from moving and staying in any place outside their place of residence, without respiratory protective equipment (nose, mouth), effective from 12 May 2020 from 0:00 AM to 25 May 2020 until 00:00 AM.  such as a respirator, drape, mouthpiece, scarf, shawl or other means to prevent the spread of droplets, with the exception of:

  • students, participants in the admissions procedure, academic staff, members of the state exams examination committees, and entrance examinations at universities and colleges pursuant to Act No. 111/1998 Coll., if a distance of at least 1.5 m is maintained and if there is a maximum of 15 people in the room.

Effective May 25, 2020 onwards:

All persons shall be prohibited from moving and staying without respiratory protective equipment (nose, mouth) such as a respirator, drape, mouthpiece, scarf, shawl or other means to prevent the spread of droplets, namely:

  • in all interiors of buildings, outside the residence,

  • in public transportation,

  • in all other places where there are at least two persons closer than 2 meters, unless they are exclusively household members.

In summary, what this means for the AAU community:

  • Face masks, scarves or other protective face coverings are required when moving around the city and in AAU buildings.

  • The exception to this is students and university personnel engaged in academic activities if a distance of at least 1.5 m is maintained and if there is a maximum of 15 people in the room.

Office of Admissions

  • The Office of Admissions is operating virtually, accepting applications and ready to support students through the application process as the situation develops. Campus tours are suspended for the time being; however, virtual sessions are available.

  • Due to COVID-19 we have moved our traditional Open House events to an online information session until a return to on-campus events is permitted. The AAU Prospective Student Online Information Session is free, available at anytime and allows you to hear directly from our Prospective Student Advisor, Rebecca what it's like to be a student at AAU in Prague from the safety of your home! CLICK HERE TO REQUEST ACCESS

Cafe Des Taxis

The Cafe is now open every day of the week for takeaway orders only.

  • Limited hours: 9 AM – 2 PM every day 
  • Special 10 per cent discount for all AAU staff, faculty and students
  • Please remember to wear a mask and take your coffee to the park! Vojanovy Sady is open and there is still access from the AAU campus


AAU Library Facilities are currently closed until further notice, for assistance please email [email protected]

A special notice based on COVID-19 government restrictions valid as of Monday, April 20, 2020:

  • All books that were checked out were automatically prolonged until May 27 – so there is the same deadline for textbooks and books.  We encourage you to keep the books until that date.  If you still want to check in the books/textbooks, please use the drop box in front of the Library.  We will collect them and confirm the receipt via email.

  • It will be possible to check out books and e-readers. In order to do so, please make an individual appointment at: [email protected] and send us a list of the books you would like to check out, so that we can prepare them. We will be checking out books at the library entrance door. Please make sure that you schedule the appointment in the following time-frame: Monday to Thursday: 9 am –12 pm and 1 pm – 5 pm, Friday 9 am – 1 pm.

  • If you would like assistance with doing research, the AAU library offers individualized training sessions and an online research guide to help you.

Useful Resources:

Quick Links

Medical Resources for Students

AAU follows all directives from the Czech government regarding testing, quarantine, and notification. Right now several facilities are designated testing centers and the Czech Republic, and Prague in particular, has hospitals equipped to handle COVID patients. Healthcare in the Czech Republic is free and of high quality. 

We recommend these clinics, where the staff speak English:

  • Policlinic at Narodni

Narodni 9, Prague 1

+420 222 075 119

  • Canadian Medical Center

Evropska 859/115a, Prague 6

+420 235 360 133

Government Websites & Contact Numbers for COVID-19 Related Questions:

every day 9am – 8pm: +420 773 782 856, +420 773 782 850

24 hours/day  – +420 724 810 106, +420 725 191 367