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The Laws programmes are accredited in the United Kingdom, and therefore do not have Czech accreditation. This means that Law students are registered and study as Life-Long Learning students at AAU. As such, visa-seeking students should apply for a different type of visa and do not have student status in the Czech Republic. The coursework completed at AAU is utilized to assist students in developing their knowledge of the subject matter and preparing students to sit for the University of London examinations. UOL externally administers and grades all examinations. As such, AAU does not issue credits towards the UOL degree since all credits are awarded by UOL based on examinations and accredited in the United Kingdom.

The John H. Carey II School of Law offers two undergraduate programs: the Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law and Bachelor of Laws (LLB) as well as the Master of Laws (LLM) starting in Fall 2020.

For information regarding the admissions process, please see the AAU Admissions Policy.

Decide which program suits you best

The first step is to decide on the program you would like to study:

  • Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law
  • Bachelor of Laws (LLB)
  • Master of Laws (LLM)

For more information on the John H. Carey II School of Law click here.

Prepare and collect required documents

Once you decide on the program of your choice it is time to prepare the documents. You will be able to upload them directly via the AAU Application Portal once you start your application.


In order to apply please register and submit an online application via the AAU Application Portal. There is a non-refundable CZK 1,000 application fee which can be submitted online through the portal. 

The information can be saved, and you can come back to your application at anytime where you previously left. You will be also able to submit all required documents directly through the portal.

Prepare for an Interview

Once your application is reviewed by the admissions counselor, an interview with the program chair will be conducted. The interview can be carried either online or in person.

Complete Online Assessment

This is applicable only for students applying to the Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law.

Following the interview, you will be sent a link for an on-line assessment. You do not need to study for this assessment; it is not meant to challenge your knowledge but rather provide insight into your thought processes. Once you have completed the tasks the dean will review your work.

Wait for Final Decision

The Office of Admissions will notify you through e-mail on the outcome of your application one week from the date of your interview correspondence.

Complete Application Form with University of London

This is applicable only for students applying for the Bachelor of Laws (LLB) Program. 

Your status as a provisionally admitted student will be changed upon your acceptance to the University of London. Please take immediate steps to complete the registration process with the University of London directly; the UoL Application Form can be found here.  

Register with the University of London

This is applicable for both the students attending the Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law and LLB Program. 

You must complete your registration with the University of London.