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Kristýna Jamnická

2016 Alumna
BA Business Administration

In 2016 from AAU blossomed a gifting goddess. Graduated from Business Administration: Marketing and Communication Emphasis, Kristýna Jamnická comes from Opava in Moravia. After living in Prague, studying at AAU and working in the marketing department for Nestlé Nespresso, she moved back to her hometown. Why?

She says the reason is simple… “People from Moravia are moving to Prague for work and better money, but our region cannot move forward or grow without young people. I believe that anyone can reach their goals anywhere – so why couldn’t I start building my career in my hometown?”

Upon moving back home, she started working in marketing and sales for Comau, an international company that develops industrial robots. By the time the summer of 2017 came around, she felt an itching to express a more her creative side which wasn’t being scratched in the corporate world. Upon an unsatisfied search for a friend’s wedding gift gave birth to Moonbow; a craft gifting service which curates thoughtful, quality trinkets in a lovely box tied up with ribbons which are ideal for friends, corporate partners, or your parent-in-laws who seem to have everything.

“I think it is so cool I created business out of my hobby”– so do we, Kristýna!  

If you could teach a class at AAU, what would you teach?
I would teach Advertising or any other kind of creative class. I enjoy when people are sharing ideas, communicate and create… anything. By creating, you can learn so much about a person.

What is one thing a teacher taught to you that you took to heart the most?
I am not sure who exactly said it but it was simple yet truthful: theory is one thing but be prepared that reality is different, harder. You will fail many times but if you withstand the difficulties, you will reach your goals.

What would be your dream job?
I am already working on my dream job. 

What was the biggest turning point in your life?
I think it was the point when I realized that I am not satisfied in the big corporate world.

If you could invent an app, what would it be and why?
Maybe it sounds funny but I would like to have an app which would turn off my mobile when I am at home. We are so dependent on these devices that we sometimes forget about those closest to us- family and friends. The app would help us spending quality time with them.

If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive, who would it be? What topics would you discuss?
I would like to have dinner with Sheryl Sandberg. I would like to talk to her about one topic particularly… Even though we live in 21st century, women are still facing problems from employer side when they plan to start family. I recently discovered that it is still a problem and I feel we should start to talk about it more. Is it really normal when future mom hides her pregnancy because she is afraid of termination of her contract? Come on people, pregnancy should be happy times when the couple is looking forward to being parents.

What are three books/ films/ series that influenced your way of thinking the most?Lean In from Sheryl Sandberg , The Little Prince and Hygge (very popular now).