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ANTIcorruption & fraud: Detection & Measurement

Conference – APRIL 7, 2017

The mission of this special event, co-organized with Transparency International CZ and corporate partner Kinstellar, was to put together scholars and experts from related fields and share their knowledge and best practices. The small scale of 50+ participants with 13 presentations leaves enough space for discussions. A unique feature of the conference was the afternoon session focused on contemporary data and possible avenues of cooperation with academics. Participants were scholars and professionals with interest in anti-corruption and anti-fraud practices.

Press release from the conference can be found here.

Full-text proceedings are available here.

Selected Speakers:

Lucio Picci, Professor from Department of Economics University of Bologna, presented his contemporary works on detection of corruption from data.

David Ondráčka, head of Transparency International in the Czech Republic, gave a speech on contemporary issues and challenges of corruption measurement.

Jitka Logesová and Stanislav Mečl, both top end lawyers and experts on compliance from Kinstellar,  spoke about the use of evidence (including statistical) in legal procedures.

Filip Pertold, a researcher at CERGE-EI  presented his  work (co-authored with Jan Palguta) on evidence of Manipulation of Procurement Contracts.

Josef Montag, Assistant Professor from Kazakh-British Technical University presented his paper on odometer fraud detection – case of used car sellers from the Czech Republic.

Peter Bolcha, a researcher at Anglo-American University presented work (co-authored with Jan Rovný) on possible corruption in the car registration process in the Czech Republic.

Overview of the presentations:

SpeakerName of presentation
Lucio PICCICross-border bribing and measuring corruption
David ONDRÁČKACorporate tax avoidance and off-shores
Jitka LOGESOVÁ and Stanislav MEČLCases from Czech environment
Filip PERTOLDDiscretionary thresholds in public procurement
Josef MONTAGIdentifying odometer fraud
Peter BOLCHAPossible corruption in the car registration process
Steven GAWTHORPESpatial proximity and a system of corruption
Jana KRAJČOVÁExperimental evidence on poorly designed moderate leniency programs
Tomáš EVANDynamic relationship between corruption and FDI
Carollann BRAUMUsing RICO to fight corruption
Pietro Andrea PODDARe-thinking the pervasiveness of corruption in western countries
Irena JINDŘICHOVSKÁ and Vladislav PAVLÁTHeritage of the Czech capital market failures

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