Meet Yulia, your new Career Development Specialist and the latest addition to Student Services. You’ll find her located in the career center on campus. Before joining AAU, Yulia worked as International Business Consultant in Helsinki and St. Petersburg and as the Internship Coordinator in the Economics Department of St. Petersburg State University where she gained her Ph.D. in Economics degree. Thanks to her own experiences as a study abroad student and job hunting in a foreign country, she can relate to any challenges you may face with a deep understanding of where you’re coming from!

What do you do in your role?
As a Career Development Specialist at AAU, I help students with their professional development which is not only teaching the Professional Internship Course and giving advice on CV writing! It also includes individual consultations with students, when we work together on identifying their strengths, discuss what value students can bring to employers, and find the fields where skills and knowledge acquired in other AAU courses can blossom.  

Why AAU?
AAU is so diverse! For me, it’s not only about the international community but also a variety of educational fields. Most of my previous experience was related to the spheres of business and economics. And at AAU I have a chance to meet, for example, a student passionate about narrative design or talk with a humanitarian organization interested in our interns. 

What do you enjoy most about your job?
The first thing – seeing my students succeed professionally and enjoy what they are doing! It’s good to know that my everyday job makes a difference in someone’s life. And the second, not least important, is the feeling that I am constantly learning from the young generation of students, who have an absolutely different way of thinking and many fresh ideas. 

What do you enjoy most about living in Prague?
I like the fact that Prague offers a variety of experiences depending on the exact part of the city, season, and even the weather. I believe everyone can find some corner of the city to feel at home. For me, it’s Kunratice, the Prague 4 district, as I call it “our small village”, with local cafes, its own brewery, and wild deer and rabbits in Kunraticky forest. And at the same time just 35 minutes – and I’m on Malostranska, the very center of Prague! 

Do you speak any other languages? Which ones?
My native language is Russian and after spending over 10 years in Prague I’m also fluent in Czech. In addition to that, I can communicate in German and Spanish but not professionally. Learning foreign languages is one of my hobbies, something I enjoy doing in my spare time. I even can understand a little bit of Finnish! 

When you have the chance to travel, what kind of places do you like to see?
Several years ago, I fell in love with Tenerife, Spain. I went there three times with my family and friends and would like to go back again. Apart from that, I’ve never been to any Asian country and would definitely like to visit!

If you had an afternoon off with no Wi-Fi in Prague, where would you go?
I would put on my inline skates and go skating along the Vltava River, all the way from Vysehrad to Zbraslav. The views there are amazing!  

You can find Yulia in the Career Center, be sure to make an appointment with her if you have any questions regarding your professional development!