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At the foundation of AAU’s existence has always been a strong connection to the professional world. Not only does this connection help shape education in the classroom, it fosters a symbiotic community and network that goes far beyond our campus. Currently, AAU has over 80 internship providers related to all of AAU’s fields of study, many of which are our own alumni.  

To enable students’ success beyond the classroom, AAU’s Career Center connects and guides our students’ academic experiences to their professional futures through an assortment of platforms and opportunities; 

Internship Course

Why do an internship? For some students, an internship is the ultimate way to explore a career. For others, it is a great way to gain relevant experience that will make them a stronger candidate for employment after graduation.

With the Internship Course, AAU supports all of its students to find placements most suited to their unique goals and curiosities. Students can learn more about the Internship Course on the AAUNET Career Center page here.

If your company is interested in being an internship provider, please contact Career Development Specialist, Yulia Shevelena.

Internship & Career Advising

AAU has a full-time Career Development Specialist, Michaela Neužilová, who also works directly with AAU’s Alumni Community. Through working with our alumni, the Career Center’s services are optimized with the experiences and successes of our grads.

In addition to overseeing the Career Center’s activities, Career Development Specialist is available to help advise students and graduates about developing their professional profile, the job market and application procedures.

Professional Network

In addition to the fact that Czech Republic enjoys one of the lowest unemployment rates in the EU and that there is high demand international employees, AAU fosters an exclusive network of potential employers, partners and mentors in the Czech Republic and internationally. With this network, students graduate from AAU with not only a degree, but a professional community that will last a lifetime.

Students can view AAU’s selection Internship Provider Database here.


Throughout the year, AAU hosts events to help students develop their professional profile, skills and network, such as the annual Career Expo and regular workshops.

Mentorship Hub

Some lessons cannot be taught in a classroom but only through professional and real-world experiences. The Mentorship Hub bridges that gap by connecting students and young graduates with experienced alumni and members of the AAU community who can share the challenges, successes, and crossroads they faced on their career paths and offer their advice and insight about their field of profession. Note that there is no fixed commitment for the mentor or the mentee.

Who can be a mentee? Any AAU student or graduate who is seeking professional development advice.

Who can be a mentor? Any AAU alumni or community member with substantial professional experience who is willing to be connected with mentees for one off meetings arranged by the Alumni Office.

Below are our mentors which mentees can connect with in person or virtually. When you register as a mentee, please mention which mentor(s) you wish to connect with, then the Alumni Office will put you in touch with the mentor. (drop down menu? Possible to get LK preview titles?)

Meet the people

Yulia Sheveleva, Ph.D.

Career Development Specialist