Tis’ the season for spreading joy and we are delighted to share the hard work of some of our visual arts students. If you’re not already following ‘theballadofquarantine’ on Instagram, now is the time. Having just finished their final works of Fall semester 2021, MgA. Björn Steinz Intro to Digital Photography class has uploaded stunning visuals, each with their own individual story (of which you can read about in the highlights!). These images explore themes such as changing emotions and environments, the essence of nature and spirituality, and encapsulate people as memories and movement.

Furthermore, the Video Storytelling class has made their documentaries and works available for viewing via Vimeo. Each student has constructed a story around a topic of their choice, which for all us viewers, has created a fascinating library of visually stunning and interesting documentary-style pieces. No longer than 5 minutes, these consumable chunks of information include interviews, current controversial topics, and moving moments.

Last but not least, classes under Alena Foustková, M.F.A. and MgA. Veronika Šrek Bromová exhibited their works on campus throughout the last week of the semester, and were attended by students and faculty alike.

We’re looking forward to more in-person exhibitions both online and, on and off-campus (COVID-19 permitted) after AAU returns in 2022!

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