We are pleased to announce that AAU has become a member of Student Mode (Režim Student). For those of you wondering what that is, Student Mode is a visa facilitation program for visa-seeking students from selected third countries where it is hard to receive a visa appointment. The function of this program is to accelerate access to the relevant embassy for an applicant seeking a long-term residence permit/visa for the purpose of studies.

Do you qualify for Student Mode?
  • You are a citizen of one of the countries listed here and will be applying for a visa at the Czech embassy designated for your country.
  • You agree to terms of admission under the Czech accredited program, specifically the completion of the Nostrification process and submission of the Nostrification certificate to AAU within the set deadlines.
  • You must submit (at least) a scan of your final High School Diploma and Transcript for undergraduate students or a Bachelor’s Diploma and Transcript for graduate students to AAU.
  • You have completed your tuition payment for the first semester and are either registered for classes or are in the process of registration.

If you qualify for Student Mode, be sure to get in touch with our team of Admission Counselors and we will send your nomination to the Ministry of Education at the earliest available deadline for submission of nominations. Also, please note that you cannot apply for Student Mode yourself, we have to nominate you. Should you have any further questions, contact our Admissions Counselors.