Sad news reached our community regarding yet another school shooting in the USA – the second in ten days. On May 24, 2022 (CDT), 18-year-old Salvador Rolando Ramos opened fire at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, United States, killing 21 people. It’s a tragedy to see so many young lives lost. It has happened before and is, unfortunately, likely to happen again. 

Dean of International Relations and Diplomacy, Alexei Anisin Ph.D., put together a commentary overnight to comment on recent events. Having previously written two books on mass shootings (see below), Alexei is an expert in his field. His commentary provides some much-needed insight from a scientific perspective as to why shootings continue to happen. Alexei delves into what makes this particular shooting more lethal than others before it.

Alexei specializes in both qualitative and quantitative research on political instability, rare forms of political violence and homicide, and holds a deep interest in international politics and historical change.

For those interested in further pursuing this topic, Alexei Ainsin, among other professionals, contributed to this article by Bloomberg. It shows a comparison of gun violence-related incidents between developed regions and countries.

Alexei Anisin‘s most recently published books on the phenomena of mass shootings:

Mass Shootings and Civilian Armament: The first comprehensive multi-methodological analysis of the relationship between mass shootings and firearm purchases (as proxied by background checks) in the US on national-level data from 1999-2020.

Mass Shootings in Central and Eastern Europe: This book examines mass shootings and attempted shootings that occurred across 16 countries in Central and Eastern Europe, known as post-communist states.