On September 22nd, with the courtyard decorated in our traditional red, white, and black, AAU raised a chardonnay toast in celebration of the inauguration of our new president, Prof. Mgr. Jaroslav Miller, MA, PhD..

Board of Trustee members, staff, faculty, students, and friends of AAU were all invited to officially welcome Jaroslav Miller into his now settled role of AAU President. Led by host Eva Rivera, the members of the Faculty Senate, Student Council, Alumni Council, and BoT took turns to express their enthusiasm and support for Miller in his continued efforts to make AAU the best it can be, including having reinstated our refugee scholarship

“I think you will share with me the faith that AAU is bestowing upon our new rector, who managed only in a few weeks to not only to gain our hearts but also bring AAU even more into the spotlight and set out a firm direction of AAU’s future endeavors.”

Eva Rivera, 2021

After speeches were given, there was the ceremonial passing of the inauguration medal by Jiří Schwarz from President Emeritus Štěpán Müller to new President Jaroslav Miller. During the opening and closing of this ceremony, those in attendance were blessed with the vocal talents of alumna, Lindsay Slavati, and accompanying pianist, Vojtĕch Adamčík, with their rendition of “The Joke” by Brandi Carlisle, and closing song “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus. Following an energetic speech from our new President, guests and attendees enjoyed mingling and experiencing exquisite catering inside the beautiful Thurns-Taxis Palace.

Enjoy the moment again: