AAU lecturer Gerald Power, Ph.D. was recently invited as an expert to be interviewed by metro.cz on how Brexit is affecting Northern Ireland and whether there is a risk of a return of misunderstanding and violence.

In addition, he has also written an article on the uncertain future of Northern Ireland published on Kurzy.cz. Read the full article here. (CZ language).

Dr. Power completed a Liberal Arts degree at the American College Dublin before undertaking doctoral studies at the National University of Ireland, Galway. His PhD thesis (2009) was published in 2012 as A European Frontier Elite: The Nobility of the English Pale in Tudor Ireland, 1496-1566. He jointly edited the collection of essays on Ireland and the Czech Lands: Connections and Comparisons in History and Culture (Bern, 2014). Dr Power’s research interests have since diversified to include the reception of Thatcherism in the Czech lands. More recently, he has begun a research project looking at British cultural diplomacy in the Arab Gulf during the Cold War. Dr Power is a member of the Steering Committee of the Euro-Gulf Information Centre (Rome).