Have you signed for and received your ISIC card yet? Don’t wait! The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is internationally accepted proof of your student status. In verifying your status, ISIC grants you access to a diverse selection of benefits and discounts around the world, in the Czech Republic, and here at AAU! Our students mostly use their cards to receive discounts on transportation, phone plans, and cheap restaurant goodies around Prague.

How to get your card:
AAU will order your ISIC card for you, students should not do it themselves. Ordering this card will cost you 350 CZK which can be paid upon your arrival at the Bursar’s Office. (For some of you the cost was included on your tuition invoice, so if you completed the ISIC payment with tuition payment, you will not have to pay again)

However as some of you couldn’t arrive due to the COVID restrictions and are taking online classes, we have two options for you:

  1. Your card will be ordered now by the Admissions Office if you are certain that you will arrive during the semester, or;
  2. Your card will be ordered once you arrive at AAU

Option one means that the Admissions Office will order your ISIC now and once you arrive it will be waiting for you in the Student Services Center. If you are ordering your card in time for the beginning of the semester (e.g around Orientation events), they will be handed out during those sessions, if not, visit the SSC.

Option two means that once you arrive, you will go to Student Services and request your ISIC to be ordered. This option is recommended for students who are uncertain of their arrival date or know they will arrive mid-semester/next semester. 

There is an expiration date on the ISIC card, so once it expires or is close to that date, you must visit the Student Services Center and the staff will prolong the card’s validity with a sticker on the back.

Using your card at AAU:
Aside from using your card to enter the campus building, you can also have print credit! For every registered class, you have 100 CZK print credit. This credit can be used at the printers located at reception/print center, third-floor student lounge, computer lab, and in the library. You can top up this print credit by going to Student Services at the start of each semester.

Digital Card:
While you need your card for building access on campus and for printing assignments, ISIC can also be stored on your phone with the ALIVE app. The ALIVE app enables you to take transport, look up nearby discounts and save some of your favorite discounts. It can be used as an ID just the same as your physical ISIC.

Find out what discounts are available to you for transport, in Czechia, and abroad. Happy savings, students!