Considering an internship over the summer? It can be mind-boggling to know where to start when considering your first, second, or even your third internship! As most of you know, there are many benefits to doing an internship during your time in education. 

For starters, you are able to see how your classes are preparing you to deal with, and navigate, real-life challenges in your chosen profession. By taking up an internship, you not only gain coveted work experience, but you are also building connections that could further your career and land you a better position in the future. Going out and finding the right fit for you may take time and can seem overwhelming at first but establishing a network needn’t seem so daunting- Perhaps you didn’t know that many of our Alumni offer internships to you, our students!

The AAU community is a valuable source of guidance, mentoring, and experiences for all with internships available in companies such as FOMOSO, Artiseme, Project Syndicate, and VŠMVV.

“The experience of working with AAU alumni was definitely the one that made an impact on my career reflection. It means a lot for the student to get advice or some guidance from someone who is familiar with the challenges of entering the professional world and making the first steps on a career ladder. Getting to know the people that a couple of years ago were just like you, sharing past/ current experience, and seeing their professional achievements is truly inspiring and encouraging to strive forward and try to succeed.”

Anna Kubai, AAU student, B.A. in Business Administration – Marketing and Communications, Marketing Assistant in Fall 2021 at VSMVV with Lynn Tourki

In taking an internship, you not only grow yourself professionally but give fresh insight and new life into the companies you intern for! Hear from some of our Alumni directly on the benefits of working with students.

“Being able to host and mentor interns is beneficial in so many ways. First of all, one does not lose grip on the “new way of thinking” as each age group is thinking in a different way. Also it is also great to challenge ourselves by mentoring someone with no experience, by giving them our know-how and yet by twitching that know-how so it would be understandable and feasible by the intern. Interns have also always brought so many fantastic ideas and new point-of-views on the table so I could actually learn from them in some ways. Never underestimate interns with little or no work experience, they can always pleasantly surprise you!”

Lynn Tourki, M.A, AAU BA in Humanities, Society & Culture 2017, currently Marketing Manager at the College of International and Public Relations / VŠMVV

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