We love to hear from our Alumni and see what they’ve been up to post-graduation. In this article, catch up with Vojtěch Lambert, a graduate of both Business Administration (2010) and the MABLIM program (2013), as he discusses both his business and his rock n’ roll days with Muži v česku!

Vojtěch reveals that even as Managing Director of LCG New Media and a happy family man, he always finds time for drumming. Reminiscent of his time at AAU, Vojtěch explains the “why” behind his decision to stay in Prague and study rather than going abroad. With a focus on the work he does at LCG New Media, he explains why it is important to surround yourself with people who inspire you to do your best work, what he learned from his time at AAU, and how he managed to keep both his passions (marketing and music) active.

muzivcesku.cz, 2021

Read the full article in Czech (we suggest you use the Chrome translate plug-in) on muzivcesku.cz. Muži v Česku is a popular lifestyle magazine about men’s fashion and lifestyle in the Czech Republic. They publish interviews, fashion and lifestyle, news and events, and food and culture content.