Spring Music & Arts Festival 2023


Střelecký Ostrov

The biggest event organized by the students of Anglo-American University!

This year’s Spring Music & Arts Festival takes place on April 22, 2023, at Střelecký Island (Střelecký Ostrov), Prague. This event runs from 3.00 PM – 8 PM and provides some free beverages and pizza – first come first served!

What’s exciting about this year’s program?

On-Stage Schedule

The Bugles (concert) 1. Set3 PM
Dance Club3.30 PM
The Bugles (concert) 2. Set3.45 PM
Genevieve Flores4.15 PM
The Bugles (concert) 3. set4.45 PM
Yoga Club5.15 PM
Malcolm & Anders (concert)6 PM
DJ Feenicks 6.30 PM

Off-Stage Fun

  • Team sport competitions
  • AAU’s art student, Dorota Čičatková, is running an Upcycling Workshop – learn how to create your own upcycled artwork or clothing. 
  • Purchase and show off beautiful handmade jewelry
  • Check out the outdoor art exhibition
  • Have fun bartering your clothes and books in a ‘Swap’.