Professors in the Pub: The EU in Security & Defense

Cafe Des Taxis

Each month, come to Café Des Taxis to have a drink and discussion with professors and other experts about important events happening in the world. Share your questions and your views, and join the long tradition of politics in the pub. 

This month:

Historically, the EU has been perceived as a rather hesitant player in the field of international defense. Although NATO is the primary guarantor of Europe’s security, we need to understand the possibilities and tools the EU has at its disposal. This is more important than ever given that war has returned to our neighborhood. The war in Ukraine has allowed the EU to demonstrate it can be a relevant global security actor, but it also revealed the EU’s vulnerabilities. How has the war in Ukraine impacted the EU? What are the EU’s vulnerabilities and is there a political will to improve the EU’s position in security and defense? How does the current CZ Presidency of the EU influence the EU’s direction? Come discuss these questions and ask your own.

The lead professor will be Adéla Jiřičková, Acting Head of the European Defence Cooperation Branch, Czech Ministry of Defense, and Alumna of AAU School of International Relations (2019).