Inspiratio-imitari Exhibition by Klara Mahoas


French Institut of Prague, Stépánská 35, 111 21 Praha 1

Join us for the opening with the artist and curator for Inspiratio-imitari at the French Institute of Prague on Saturday, May 20, 2023 from 5 PM. This exhibition is curated by AAU student, Klara Mahoas.

Inspiration has always been a driving force behind creativity. But in recent times, the creative process has become more complex, with contemporary artists pushing the boundaries between inspiration and imitation. This exhibit explores these boundaries and asks whether artists should strive to create new masterpieces or use past masters as a foundation for their work. To achieve this goal, fifteen artists have produced one or several art pieces that include all types of artistic production, from painting to sculpture, from performative art to poetry, and audiovisual. Every artist had the opportunity to draw inspiration from three original works of an important figure of Czech and French art: Mucha. The artists chose a painting to inspire them and produced their work of art through their own point of view on these Mucha art pieces. During the production, the artists had total aesthetic freedom, and the result of their production could range from inspiration to reinterpretation.

This exhibition is open/free to all and will run from May 20 to June 8, 2023 (Monday to Saturday 10 AM – 6 PM or by appointments).

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Klara Mahoas
Klara is an AAU student and a young curator from the Czech Republic and France who explores contemporary art through thought-provoking exhibitions that tackle important topics of today’s life. Growing up in an artistic family in France, she was strongly influenced by the country’s rich traditions, which sparked her interest in philosophy and art.

Artists on Exhibition:

Organisators and Partners

The French Institute of Prague
Initially conceived in 1920 as a veritable university, the French Institute of Prague has become a multidisciplinary cultural center that is both a language teaching center and a place of dissemination, a cultural partner, and a platform for artistic exchange.

Gallery 35
Open to emerging contemporary plastic art, Galerie 35 aims to establish a dialogue and
encourage exchanges between the French and Czech art scenes. Curated by the cultural pole of the French Institute in Prague, its new project is mainly focused on photography, art-video and digital art.

Anglo-American University
The Anglo-American University in Prague was established in 1990 and is the oldest private higher education institution in the Czech Republic. All courses are taught in English by a world-class faculty to a close-knit international student community from 80+ nationalities.