Exhibition Opening: FEAR NOT

AAU Campus

Join us for this special end-of-year art exhibition opening at 6 PM!

There will be an exhibition of six contemporary artists throughout the AAU common spaces. This is an exhibition organized by students in Intro to Curatorial Studies with lecturer Piotr Sikora.

Featured Artists: 

  • Ondřej Basjuk
  • Tadeáš Kotrba
  • Danica Pišteková
  • Matouš Střelec
  • Danilo Movchan
  • Rita Baby

Middevil: Maiden’s War: Screening & discussion with Czech artist Marie Lukacova

Following the exhibition opening, join us at 7 PM, in Room 1.33 for the film “Middevil: Maiden’s War” screening and discussion with Czech artist, Marie Lukacova! This 14-minute film was done in collaboration with Piotr Sikora, and features actress and School of Journalism, Media & Visual Arts student, Nicole Slusseran.

AAU Lecturer, Pavla Jonssonova, Ph.D., will be part of the discussion with Marie Lukacova.

You can read more about the film below:

“The first chapter of the film goes back to the story of “The Maidens’ War”—taken from the Chronica Boemorum written by Cosmas in the twelfth century and very much present in the nineteenth-century Czech National Revival. As the tale has it, after the death of princess Libuše, women started an uprising against men and established Děvín Castle to fight the patriarchy. To this day, the story of women fighting men remains one of the most intriguing chapters in Bohemian history….”

It screened at Prague Bienalle Matter of Art 2022 at the Prague City Gallery, as a summer exhibition there.

Cross Media Art Student Exhibition

Join us between 5 PM – 7 PM in the art studio room (1.31) for the exhibition of the works by the students of Cross Media Art Studio with MgA. Veronika Šrek Bromová.