Dragons, Armageddon, & Exile: a Curatorial Studies II Exhibit

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Room 1.33

Join us for the opening of Dragons, Armageddon, and Exile, an exhibition of final projects by the students of Curatorial Studies II under the guidance of Piotr Sikora.

The exhibit, which was curated by students Aliya Bakisheva, Anna Cook, and Anastasiia Martynenko, will be shown on December 7, 2023, at 7 pm, in room 1.33, and comprises three distinct parts: Dragons, Armageddon, and Exile.

The Dragon as a Symbol in the East and West, curated by Aliya Bakisheva.

Dragons are among the most recognizable mythical creatures in folklore and media. But their appearance and symbolism drastically differ depending on the time period and location. In Eastern cultures, dragons are the symbol of wealth and positivity and were often closely associated with the power of the emperor and spirituality (fengshui). However, in Western culture, dragons are greedy beasts associated with negativity and frequently play a villainous role or act as a means for a hero to extend their path.

Anežka Hubatková’s Pieta and Screening of David LaChapelle and Daphne Guinness’s Revelations, curated by Anna Cook

Czech artist Anežka Hubatková’s ominous work Pieta is set within a barren, dark landscape, one that compliments the three-part music video, “Revelations” nicely. The latter, a collaboration between director David LaChapelle and musician Daphne Guinness, is an anxious response to the plague-like disease that caused the world to pause and the rampant wildfires in California in 2020. To the duo, these events were reminiscent of those found in the apocalyptic Book of Revelation. The art film which accompanies Guinness’ song, “Revelations,” takes inspiration from the prophecies found in that book and applies them to the contemporary world, one that is burning.

Screening of Alina Titorenko’s Big Blue Nothing, curated by Anastasiia Martynenko

Alina Titorenko, a Russian artist with Ukrainian and Belarussian roots, studies at La Femis Film School in France. Her short film “Big Blue Nothing” was created in Russia shortly after the war in Ukraine started and perfectly mirrors the pain and hopelessness of Russians with antigovernment views.

We look forward to seeing you there!