Mgr. Kateřina Vanová

Dean of Students & Lecturer Student Services & Support

Letenská 5, Prague 1
Office No. 211

Kateřina earned her MA in Pedagogical Arts (Music and Czech Language & Literature, Psychology and Pedagogy) degree at the Charles University in Prague. In addition, she earned an Associate Degree in Psychology during the years she lived in the US. While working for the Czech Center New York, she enjoyed connecting the Czech and American artistic worlds. At Fair Lawn Mental Health Center, she worked with children from dysfunctional families placed into foster care and led social skills & anger management sessions for children.

Since her return to Prague, she found her second home at AAU, working here since February 2004; firstly at the School of Business Administration, then at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, and the School of Journalism, Media & Visual Arts.

As the Dean of Students, Kateřina takes care of all student related matters, such as formal requests and absences, student accommodation, disciplinary issues, mental health support, and more. She oversees the departments of Student Services, Career Center, Housing, Student Life, and Psychological Counseling and also cooperates with Student Council. Students and their well-being are her primary focus. Alongside her Dean of Students duties, she teaches European Music History & Appreciation and occasionally Introduction to Psychology. In her free time, she practices yoga and thoroughly enjoys wood and antler carving.


Music History, Theory, Piano Courses, Psychology