Iva Skochová, M.S.


Letenska 5, Prague 1

Iva Roze Skochová is a Czech journalist. Aside from being an AAU alumna (B.A. Politics and Society with a minor in Journalism) she also holds an M.S. in Magazine Writing from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, where she also received a Pulitzer Traveling Fellowship in 2010. As a foreign correspondent and freelancer for the last ten years, she has reported from over 60 countries and written articles in both English and Czech for a wide range of American, British and Czech publications, including Newsweek, The Times, Smithsonian, Salon, Slate, Reflex, etc. After her reporting stints in conflict zones, she has focused mostly on humor writing and in 2019, she became a regular columnist at Forbes. Other than writing, she loves playing volleyball and doing stand-up comedy, preferably not at the same time.