Giving you not just a degree, but also a lifelong social and professional community

Anglo-American University has fostered hundreds of graduates from all corners of the globe. When you graduate, you leave with a degree, but also importantly, you leave with a social and professional community not hindered by borders and empowered by our diversity.  

Whether you’re seeking support from the university or wanting to give back to the community, the information below can help us connect, because, we think the AAU Alumni Community still has a lot to offer each other.

“Our alumni are our legacy” – Petr Jan Pajas, AAU President

Mentorship Hub

Some lessons cannot be taught in a classroom but only through professional and real world experiences. The Mentorship Hub bridges that gap by connecting students and young graduates with experienced alumni and members of the AAU community who can share the challenges, successes and cross roads they faced on their career paths, and offer their advice in this ever diversifying career world.

Who can participate?


Any AAU student or graduate who is seeking advice or insight in a particular professional field or about their career path is welcomed to register to be a mentee.


Any AAU alumni or community member may be a mentor with over two years professional experience (or by special invitation) who wants to give back to the AAU community. There is no fixed commitment, and AAU will oversee and assist relations between mentors and mentees as requested.

Mentees and mentors do not have to be in Prague to participate.

How can you start?


Contact to further discuss the opportunity or sign up directly here. We will then review our list of mentors and discuss with you who would be the best suited mentor(s) for your needs and put you in contact with them.


Contact to further discuss the opportunity or sign up directly here. We will then put you in contact with an AAU mentee once we find a suited one for you.

What can you talk about? Here are just a few ideas...

• What particular industries are really like from the inside and if you are really interested in the reality of the day to day work

• What other similar industries there may be around it

• How to optimize your CV

• How to plan your last semester(s) at AAU from thesis topics to course selections

• Where and how to find the best internship or entry position opportunities

• How to connect your existing experiences and skills into a strategy to achieve your long term goals

• What the special tips and tricks to the industry are

• If your degree, skills, and goals are right for the industry

Alumni Ambassadors

Part of what makes AAU unique is the international community that comes through it. Through fostering contact points or virtual embassies led by an Alumni Ambassador with the guidance and support of the Advancement Office, the AAU community can thrive globally through engaging and supporting all stages of our students’ experiences at AAU, from prospective students, to students, and to alumni.

Key goals

• AAU community promotion and engagement across borders

• Better market knowledge and access to better enable recruitment and partnerships

• Promote AAU’s global diversity to synergise our university as a social, professional and academic hub

Want to get involved?

Help spread this AAU mission across the map and boost your professional experiences by emailing or see the digital brochure here.

Meet your Alumni Ambassadors

Banu Bissen

Banu Bissen
Alumna of the John H. Carey II School of Law, UK Ambassador

I graduated in 2015 from the John H. Carey II School of Law where I acquired a bachelor’s degree in Comparative Business Law. I enjoy reading books Read more... that help me develop spiritual consciousness and look at the world around me from a different perspective. I practice hot yoga on a regular basis with the belief that a sound mind lives in a healthy body. The world for me is like an arena which I ambitiously observe and explore. I am passionate, curious and a loyal friend. If I hadn't chosen to pursue a legal career I would have become a scientist. Being part of this exciting project is an amazing opportunity for me to create an AAU community in London as well as to develop leadership skills which will definitely be useful for my career in law. Contact email: Read less...


Roman Oeschger
Alumni of the School of International Relations and Diplomacy, Switzerland Ambassador

I was born in Basel/ Switzerland. After going through the whole school process, I finally Read more... finished my High School Diploma in Bern/ Switzerland. Then, I decided to go to the beautiful city of Prague studying at Anglo American University because I was very convinced about the whole structure of that university. Since I love politics I have chosen to study in that field of study. In Spring 2010 I finally graduated in the B.A. program “Politics & Society.” In Spring 2014 I also finished my M.A. in International Relations & Diplomacy at Anglo American University. After going back to Switzerland I invested my time and passion to found a NGO which focuses on promoting the opinion-forming about East-Central and Southeast Europe. Beside leading this NGO I am now also a political candidate for the parliament elections in the canton of Solothurn/ Switzerland. Thus, I am very much into politics and I am extremely interested in that topic. Consequently, all my political activities would have not been possible without the excellent learning development I went through during my time at Anglo American University. I am very thankful for that life experience. Therefore, it is a great honour for me to represent that university in Switzerland as an Alumni Ambassador. Contact email: Read less...


Juraj Vozár
Alumni of the School of International Relations and Diplomacy, Slovakia Ambassador

I am a 2015 AAU graduate of the School of International Relations & Diplomacy. During my studies and after, I have always Read more... been rather keen student of society, with focus on minorities, youth and volunteering. Anglo American University, where I have studied and worked provided me with crucial instruments for my future. Beside useful knowledge and ability to sharpen my thinking, I have had a chance to develop a strong network of friends and professionals. Opportunity to learn from the great minds, our professors and students present, has been an experience of great value, helping me to steer my future professional journey. Currently working for an education institute and being in the Board of Directors of international volunteering network, the importance of education keeps reappearing in my life. This reoccurring realization led me to become the AAU Ambassador to Slovakia, as I believe that AAU community is growing stronger, with the increasing quality of education and maintaining the interpersonal connections. “It is all about the people after all.” Contact email: Read less...


Rodrigo Miranda García
Alumni of the School of International Relations and Diplomacy, France Ambassador

I was born in Mexico City but I moved to Prague after I finished an exchange program in that captivating city and I graduated Read more... in 2009 at the AAU as a Bachelor in International Relations. I have always been passionate about social and personal development and for these reasons I co-founded two NGO's related to those topics, the latest called Sum Mundus. In both organizations I was in charge of the Marketing and Communication strategies and on developing and running their projects. In January 2016 I moved to Paris with Elise, my wife, and I am currently pursuing a Master's Degree on Marketing and Communication with the intention of acquiring the tools needed to put Marketing to the service of the common good. I practice Yoga, Krav Maga and I love sports and arts in general. I am a spiritual person and I believe the reason we're all here is to make the world a better place. Representing the AAU as Alumni Ambassador to France is an honor and an opportunity to build a solid community of Alumni in this beautiful country because we are most definitely stronger when we are united. Contact email: Read less...


Kamila Q. Suchomel
Alumni of the School of International Relations and Diplomacy, Canada East Ambassador

In addition to receiving my MA in International Relations and Diplomacy from Read more... AAU in 2017, I also spent a couple of years working for the university as an administrator before relocating to Montreal. Born in the United States to Czech parents. I've always gravitated towards an international environment and I can, without a doubt, say that AAU was an excellent choice in terms of quality of instruction, diversity of the community, and excellence of location. An aspiring humanitarian communication consultant and researcher, I'm interested in sustainable international development which engages communities, media and communications, photography, and visual politics and the role of aesthetics in international relations. Whether you're looking to find out more about AAU, are curious about benefits and opportunities for alumni abroad, or have an alumni community-related idea that you would like help realizing, I can help! Contact email: Read less...


Filip Vucetic
Alumni of the School of Business Administration , Serbia Ambassador

I graduated from AAU in 2013 from Business Administration. After that I finished my Masters in Banking and Finance and moved Read more... to New Delhi (India) to work in investment banking. From 2016, I've been the General Manager of Klub Budimlija, one of the most popular summer resorts in Serbia. Beside being full time General Manager, I am a husband and a father. In my free time I play football and run half-marathons. Also, I am planning to climb some of the highest peaks on the world. If you have any questions regarding hospitality industry or concern abut enrollment at AAU please do not hesitate to contact me! Contact email: Read less...

Alumni Edge Card

In addition to the events and university services the AAU Alumni Community are welcomed to engage in, the Alumni Edge Card gives our alumni an extra edge of benefits. The card costs 200 CZK, or 100 CZK for 2017 grads.

Why get it?

Card holders get access to the AAU library and discounts with the following companies:

Hertz (car rental): Special deal on weekend rentals for up to three days use: Skoda fabia: 650czk, Skoda Octavia: 850czk
ELAI (workshops): 20%
London Institute (language courses): 10%
Costa Coffee: 10% (plus another 10% if you get their loyalty card) (online education): 40%
The Candy Store: 10%
Nike Na Prikope : 20%
Krymska Manufaktura: 20%
Sněmovní 7: 10%
Sneaker Corner: 20%
American Barber in Prague: 20%

Want it?

• Register here
Pay online (click other payment, in description write Alumni Edge Card with your year of graduation), then forward your payment receipt and an ID photo to
• The Alumni Specialist will inform you within three months when your card is ready for pick up, and in the meantime, you can start using the library

Alumni Stories

AAU may be a small school, but our alumni have taken some big steps. Read about their journeys here:

Alumni Council

AAU’s Alumni Council serves as a an autonomous representative body for the Alumni Community to guide and further promote lifelong, symbiotic relationships between the university and our alumni. Alumni Council is elected in by the Alumni Community for a two year term in which they work with AAU staff, faculty, leadership bodies, students and alumni to initiate and ignite communication and support among our community, and to help AAU strategize its fundraising, recruitment, and partnership missions.

See the bylaws here.

Meet your 2017-2018 Alumni Council:

Egon Hampl

Egon Hampl
2012 Alumnus

I have graduated from the Anglo-American University in 2012 with B.A. in Business Administration. Beforehand, I have studied in West Virginia Wesleyan Read more... College in West Virginia, U.S. I have spent my career in hospitality so far, currently working at the Maximilian Hotel and Hotel Josef in Prague. During my working career thus far, I have been able to appreciate the education and leadership which I have received at AAU that prepared me for my professional life and enhanced me not only with knowledge and skills, but with many interpersonal relationships as well. I am grateful and proud graduate, eager to always represent our school and I am thankful for my past experience and looking forward to the future involvement with our school. My goal is to give back to our community by working at the Alumni Council towards making it an enriching platform for AAU alumnis, students and school staff, where we can all engage one another, share our values and experiences. Read less...

Jan Chytil

Jan Chytil
2015 Alumnus

Upon graduating from high school in Prague, I was seeking an international experience and education, but I could not leave Prague at that time. AAU was a natural choice to fulfill this. Along side my Read more...studies I was working with my family's business, which gave me the opportunity to apply everything I was learning- as I was learning it! In 2015, I obtained my bachelor degree of Business Administration. Later I had the opportunity to intern in European Parliament with MEP Jaromír Štětina. This was a truly enriching experience and I wish to come back at some point. Currently, I am completing my masters at VŠE, and working with the Vaclav Havel Library as well as working on a start-up. Since graduating from AAU, I have continued to meet more AAU alumni as realize the growing importance of how much our alumni community still has to offer each other after graduation." AC also gives me the opportunity to be in touch with the school reach for an advice if needed and be heard when it comes to the changes and direction the institution is going.Read less...

Petra Kakoushis

Petra Kakoushis
2004 Alumna

I am a professional with 10 years of experience in marketing and sales and have worked across a number of industries in various fields, focusing on customer Read more... engagement, customer experience, sales and marketing . Graduating in 2005 with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration I continued my career working for some global firms such as DHL, Monster and HP in culturally rich business environments with geographically dispersed teams on international projects. My current career focus is on potential opportunities to start and grow my own business. AAU provided an ideal environment for me to continue my education offering a business relevant degree course and an opportunity to work and learn with students and teachers from a variety of cultures and countries. Having had a very positive experience studying at AAU, I felt inspired to give something back, and I joined the Alumni Council with the intention of give my time, energy and experience to support the growing community of former students that make up the AAU Alumni. Read less...

Nadia Kotaisova

Nadia Kotaisova
2015 Alumna

My name is Nadia Kotaisova and I’m an Anglo-American University alumna, having obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Communications Read more... in 2015. I’m a Libyan-born, Czech-Palestinian, raised in Abu Dhabi and I’ve been calling Prague home for six years now. Since graduating, I’ve been predominantly working as a contractor for international localization (language services) agencies – recruiting and managing the top translator, voice and interpreter global talent for the world’s leading I.T./software companies, amongst other things. I work remotely, so as long as I’ve got a solid internet connection my home-office can be set up anywhere – sometimes from sunny Spain, sometimes from rainy Belgium. I’m passionate about achieving collective change through personal growth, Jungian psychology and perhaps most importantly, our Planet which is in a state of crisis. Although I departed from my field of study, the skills and confidence I attained at AAU serve me well on a daily-basis. AAU has helped pave my professional career, but equally, it has facilitated invaluable friendships that continued developing upon graduation. I see being part of the Alumni Community as an opportunity to continue learning from my peers, foster existing and establish new connections, and a chance to give back to my alma mater. I hope to see a further development of the alumni platform – as a space for former graduates to turn to for advice, utilize the talent pool which they are a part of and get together for a good time! Read less...

Vladimír Palička

Vladimír Palička
2015 Alumnus

I earned my BA in Business Administration from Anglo-American University in 2016. During my studies I participated in various Read more... AAU-organized events and societies, such the Battle of Bands or AAU Drama Club; advanced my finance proficiency at LMU Munich; and took a seat in AAU Library committee. After completing my BA, I joined with the accounting team at DXC Prague. I enthusiastically follow the latest trends in renewable energy and future tech, and currently am pursuing my master of science degree in Business Valuation. I look forward to forging strong relationships within the AAU community, improving on-campus experience, as well as building a powerful alumni network. Should you have any questions or suggestions, please, don’t hesitate to reach out via or LinkedIn profile vladimirpalicka Read less...

Minutes of Alumni Council’s meetings:

Minutes of the March 6th, 2018 Meeting

Minutes of the February 13th, 2018 Meeting

Minutes of the January 31st, 2018 Meeting

Minutes of the September 12th, 2017 Meeting

Minutes of the July 19th, 2017 Meeting

Minutes of the June 8th, 2017 Meeting

Minutes of the May 10th, 2017 Meeting

Minutes of the April 10th, 2017 Meeting

Minutes of the January 18th, 2017 Meeting

Minutes of the May 11th, 2016 Meeting

Minutes of the April 7th, 2016 Meeting

Minutes of the February 18th, 2016 Meeting

Previous Alumni Councils

2016-2017: Soňa Krausová, Josef Müller, Ophelia Uzunovska, Ondřej Pekáček, Juraj Vozár

2014-2015: Aleksandar Isirov, Ing. Josef Müller, Zdena L. Novotná, Ph.D., Dr. Kristina Soukupová


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