Fostering Relationships and Looking to the Future

AAU prides itself on being more than an educational institution. We strive to be a source of support and inspiration to students throughout their education, and a place where lifelong friendships are formed and where the first steps are taken toward realizing dreams. Anglo-American University takes care that the relations its students have built with the university and one another can continue long after graduation.

You can use the Alumni Community to:

  • Make your next career move – view and apply for jobs
  • Re-connect with alumni
  • Share your expertise, offer advice and become a mentor
  • Find out about events for Anglo-American University alumni
  • Advertise job vacancies

Alumni Club

The goal of the Alumni Club is to provide help and support following your graduation, resources and benefits for your personal and professional life throughout your career, and along the way to offer you possibilities for networking, socializing and for generally staying in contact.


  • Access to the campus library and its resources
  • Invitation to the annual AAU Ball
  • Contacts in the Mentorship Program
  • A copy of the monthly AAU newsletter
  • A copy of the quarterly alumni newsletter
  • Various discounts on products and services
  • Invitation to AAU Alumni Mixers (3x per year)
  • Invitations to other AAU-hosted events (discussions, lectures, informal events)
  • Invitation to regular networking/business events hosted by AAU
  • Discount on AAU tuition (for future degree-seeking students)

To become a member, get your AAU Alumni Card right now! Contact the University Advancement Office for more details at

Mentoring Program

Mentoring is where one individual provides support, encouragement and guiadance to another, based on their experiance, life and knowledge relative to the mentoring theme. Getting advice from people who have been professionally successful is the best way for our students to get prepared for the competitive job market. Mentor, Alumna/Alumnus of our University, would be using her/his academic and professional experiance to provide advice for our graduate students or fresh alumni, about career building, over an agreed period of time. For Mentors this is opportunity to practice their leadership skills and reconnect with AAU community.

Who can be a Mentor?

• Mentor can be an alumnus who has at least one year of experience

• Mentor can provide advice only in the area of her/his expertise

• Mentor needs to have good communication skills and patience

Communication tools and rules

• Mentors and mentees communicate first via e-mail, unless Mentor is willing to share her/his phone number or meet personally

• Communication relates only the questions regarding career and professional development

• Mentors provide solely advice about career development and do not provide help with finding a job or organizing working visas

• Mentoring should not take more than a couple of hours per month, unless the Mentor is willing to dedicate more time to the student

What does a Mentor do?

• Help the student set career goals and define how to achieve them

• Encourage your mentee to reflect on her/his existing experiences and skills. This helps you decide in which direction to lead the mentee

• Give her/him advice how to build a better CV

• Tell the mentees about your own professional experience: how did you find the job, what are the main skills you have relied on, what does the job include, some tips when entering the field, what to expect at the beginning of their career, how to change the course of the career, pay expectations etc

• The final step of the advising process should be an action plan that the mentee should develop and present to you. This will help you evaluate the advising and see the progress that the mentee has achieved

Who can be mentee and what does it entitle?

• Graduate students and fresh alumni who would like to get advice from experienced, successful alumni of Anglo-American University, are eligible to take part in mentoring. If recent alumnus is starting your career and want to get prepared in terms of improving their CV and having deeper insight into the job market, than mentoring is something they can benefit from AAU mentors

The Figures

Becoming an alumnus/a of Anglo-American University is an extremely important achievement. On average, 78% of students who enroll in bachelor’s programs at AAU continue on into their second year of studies and a total of 55% successfully complete their studies and graduate within six years of enrollment. Many students terminate their studies because they relocate abroad and choose to transfer to a local university, however, a significant number of students terminate their studies because they are unable to meet the demands of AAU education. While AAU works diligently to assist each student to reach their full potential and successfully graduate, we cannot compromise the quality of our education by lowering the standards we have set in place.

AAU is proud to report that in a recent study done by the Czech Radio, AAU was one of a few universities in the Czech Republic with zero unemployed graduates. The full story is available here.

AAU graduates are satisfied with the education they have received at the university. According to the results of an Alumni Satisfaction Survey conducted by AAU in 2014, 77% of alumni responded that their studies prepared them for graduate or professional school, and 64% responded that the studies prepared them for their current careers. This corresponds to the assessment of graduates’ critical thinking and writing skills (two of three AAU’s Institutional Learning Outcomes) conducted by the university over 2013/14 and 2014/15. AAU assessed these skills using scoring rubrics reflecting US and EU standards. According to the results, 77% of AAU BA graduates have critical thinking skills of average and higher quality (3 and better on a 5-point scale), with 50% being good or very good; 86% of AAU BA graduates are able to write at an average and better level 60% being good or very good. In 2015/16 AAU conducted an assessment of the third Institutional Learning Outcome: Action.


The AAU Alma Mater serves as regular contact point for alumni to keep up to date with recent information of interest or importance regarding AAU and the Alumni Community. The newsletter is emailed out in triannually to our alumni database. If you have any content ideas, or are not receiving it and would like to, please email

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Alumni Council

The Alumni Council of Anglo-American University is an autonomous representative body for alumni of AAU through which they can become involved in the affairs of AAU, working in partnership with AAU administration, faculty, staff and students for the benefit of the AAU community. The purpose of the Alumni Council is to enable and promote a lifelong relationship of mutual benefits and assistance to both AAU and its alumni. They work to strengthen the ties and contacts between AAU and its alumni, promote mutually beneficial contacts between students and alumni, encourage enrollment, perform public relations work, etc.

For more information about the Council, or to become a candidate, please contact

Alumni Council Members 2016/2017:

Soňa Krausová

Soňa Krausová
Alumna of the School of Business Administration, Chairwoman of the AAU Alumni Council

I have graduated in 2002 from the School of Business Administration. The skill set acquired at AAU - the business acumen, the ability to articulate ideas and think laterally - gave me the best head start needed for a successful international career. Professionally, I have spent most of my career at DuPont, holding various leadership roles in Finance and Corporate Governance for the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania and DuPont's European headquarters in Switzerland. Most recently, I am based in Prague where I have a combined position of Country Leader for the Czech Republic and Slovakia and a regional role for Information Management Compliance where I focus on Data Privacy. In my role at the Alumni Council, my personal goal is to help make the AAU alumni experience valuable and meaningful to all graduates. Your opinions count: connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn or please reach out directly to to make your voice be heard!

Josef Müller

Josef Müller
Alumnus of the John H. Carey II School of Law, Councillor and member of the Nominating Committee of the Board of Trustees

My journey at AAU started in 2004 after graduating from The English College in Prague. I was looking for a first class university education in English and in Prague. Therefore AAU was my first natural choice. I joined the School of Business Administration, as I was already an active businessman in the automotive field during my studies at high school. I enjoyed my business studies very much, but my Intro to Law lecturer inspired me so much, that I decided to change my major and join what is nowadays called the John H. Carey II School of Law. During my studies of law I left the automotive field and became the Executive Director of Junior Achievement Czech Republic, an international educational non-profit organization. I was also an active member of the AAU Student Council and represented AAU at the Student Chamber of the Council of Higher Educational Institutions. After graduating from AAU with a B.A. degree in Comparative Law, I decided to pursue an International Business Master's degree program at the University of Economics in Prague. I finished my master's studies in 2013. I am now studying a French MBA program at Université de Lyon. I work for JA Czech as its Executive Director and until 2015 I was also the Chairman of the Board of Executives and Member of the Board of Directors of JA Europe. My studies at AAU enriched both my professional and personal life. I learned a lot about the things I was applying in every day work life and I also got to know many different fields of law. I remember enjoying the area of Competition Law the most. I really appreciated the direct interaction between students and lecturers and the positive and friendly, yet very professional, atmosphere at AAU. I had a chance to meet a lot of new and interesting friends from different schools of AAU and I keep in touch with many of them even now. I am very much honored to be able to represent the alumni on the AAU Alumni Council. I am a proud graduate of Anglo-American University in Prague.

Ophelia Uzunovska

Ophelia Uzunovska
Alumna of the John H. Carey II School of Law, Councillor and member of the University Governance Committee

I graduated from Anglo-American University in 2013 with a BA (Hons) in Comparative Law. Originating from Macedonia, I've spent most of my life abroad, living in Canada, Switzerland and currently the Czech Republic. I came to Prague to finish my Bachelor's degree and chose Anglo-American University based on their law program which I found to be very well catered for someone, such as myself, looking to receive a comparative overview and vast knowledge of both the continental and common law legal systems. My education at AAU provided me with the valued skill of Comparative Legal Analysis which in turn aided me in being successful in my current career. After the completion of my degree, I began working in the Regulatory Affairs department of a Pharmaceutical Consultancy. Subsequently, I have now been living in Prague for over 5 years and currently work on global marketing authorization applications for innovative drugs for one of the top 15 Pharma companies and manage a team of 15 people. A key requirement in my current role is the ability to work between multiple regions and understand regulatory requirements for various countries and health agencies, something that comes naturally thanks to my Comparative Law degree. My education has played an invaluable part in the success of my career and I am proud to be an AAU Alumna.

Ondřej Pekáček

Ondřej Pekáček
Alumnus of the School of International Relations and Diplomacy, Councillor and member of AAU's Academic Council

My name is Andy and I am a graduate of the IRD Master's program, currently preparing for my doctoral studies while also conducting research on the Czechoslovak foreign relations in the context of the Cold War. Additionally, I work as a research assistant to Dr. Rakove from Stanford University and as a teaching assistant to Dr. Klvana from New York University and I am honored to represent the interests of the alumni community in the AAU Alumni Council and Academic Council. AAU gave me great memories, friendships and skills, together with remarkable opportunities. Except my studies, I was helping AAU's administration to successfully renew accreditation for its programs and I want to continue giving back to it further. I believe that our council, closely monitoring the feedback from the alumni community, will be able to put a system in place that would enable all past, present and future students to have the incentive to return to their Alma mater in any moment of their lives. As a result, AAU would become, by implementing a series of concrete and gradual measures, a reliable home base for all alumni by forging a mutually beneficial relationship lasting a lifetime.

Juraj Vozár

Juraj Vozár
Alumnus of the School of International Relations and Diplomacy, Councillor and member of AAU's Academic Council

I am a graduate of the School of International Relations. During my studies and after, I have always been a rather keen student of society, with a focus on minorities, youth and volunteering. Anglo American University, where I have studied and worked, provided me with crucial instruments for my future. Beside useful knowledge and the ability to sharpen my thinking, I have had a chance to develop a strong network of friends and professionals. The opportunity to learn from great minds, our professors and students present, has been an experience of great value, helping me to steer my future professional journey. Currently working for an education institute and being in the Board of Directors of an international volunteering network, the importance of education keeps reappearing in my life. This reoccurring realisation led me to become an AAU Alumni Council member, as I believe that the AAU community is growing stronger, with the increasing quality of education and interpersonal connections. “It is all about the people after all.”

Alumni Council Members 2014/2015:

Aleksandar Isirov

Ing. Josef Müller

Zdena L. Novotná, Ph.D.

Dr. Kristina Soukupová

Here you can read through minutes of Alumni-Council meetings:

Minutes of the June 8th, 2017 Meeting

Minutes of the May 10th, 2017 Meeting

Minutes of the April 10th, 2017 Meeting

Minutes of the January 18th, 2017 Meeting

Minutes of the May 11th, 2016 Meeting

Minutes of the April 7th, 2016 Meeting

Minutes of the February 18th, 2016 Meeting

Here you can read through the Alumni-Council By-laws:

By-laws of the Alumni Council of Anglo-American University

Alumni Stories

AAU graduates work in dozens of fields and are scattered all over the globe. This is a way that you can appreciate the way that our alumni have made their ways and their marks in the world. We continue to seek your stories to feature on our website and in our biannual alumni newsletter.

To nominate a deserving AAU graduate with a story to tell, please send an e-mail.

Alumni Stories:

Alumni Connect

If you’d like to catch up with your classmates or any alumnus or alumna from AAU or AAC, we encourage you to get in touch with them via our social networking accounts below.

Alumni Ambassadors

The Alumni Ambassador program’s purpose is to connect current and prospective students, families, alumni, and friends to support Anglo-American University's strategic goals. Alumni Ambassadors encourage alumni and friends of AAU to maintain an active interest in the university, highlight our diverse alumni population with current students, encourage prospective students to consider AAU, welcome new AAU alumni to your area, and encourage AAU Alumni to become leadership volunteers! As Ambassadors, objectives include promoting AAU, planning alumni gatherings, community service, and educational events to engage with alumni in your community.

Why Join?

  • Meet accomplished alumni and community leaders
  • Develop critical professional skills
  • Be recognized as a leader in the AAU community
  • Build and promote AAU school spirit, pride and tradition
  • Participate in alumni events and network opportunities on campus and/or in your regions
  • Assistance in planning and implementation of programs and events as appropriate and/or requested

Become an Alumni Ambassador

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Anglo-American University Alumni Ambassador. We would like to make sure we have your updated contact information in your alumni record. Please send us an email at and the University Advancement Office will then contact you with further details. Thank you for your assistance and support of alumni activities.

Meet your Alumni Ambassadors

Keep in touch with the AAU community!

AAU Alumni connections enable our alumni to maintain connections with each other and the university, promoting fellowship as well as personal and professional growth.

Banu Bissen

Banu Bissen
Alumna of the John H. Carey II School of Law, UK Ambassador

I graduated in 2015 from the John H. Carey II School of Law where I acquired a bachelor’s degree in Comparative Business Law. I enjoy reading books that help me develop spiritual consciousness and look at the world around me from a different perspective. I practice hot yoga on a regular basis with the belief that a sound mind lives in a healthy body. The world for me is like an arena which I ambitiously observe and explore. I am passionate, curious and a loyal friend. If I hadn't chosen to pursue a legal career I would have become a scientist. Being part of this exciting project is an amazing opportunity for me to create an AAU community in London as well as to develop leadership skills which will definitely be useful for my career in law. Contact email:


Roman Oeschger
Alumni of the School of International Relations and Diplomacy, Switzerland Ambassador

I was born in Basel/ Switzerland. After going through the whole school process, I finally finished my High School Diploma in Bern/ Switzerland. Then, I decided to go to the beautiful city of Prague studying at Anglo American University because I was very convinced about the whole structure of that university. Since I love politics I have chosen to study in that field of study. In Spring 2010 I finally graduated in the B.A. program “Politics & Society.” In Spring 2014 I also finished my M.A. in International Relations & Diplomacy at Anglo American University. After going back to Switzerland I invested my time and passion to found a NGO which focuses on promoting the opinion-forming about East-Central and Southeast Europe. Beside leading this NGO I am now also a political candidate for the parliament elections in the canton of Solothurn/ Switzerland. Thus, I am very much into politics and I am extremely interested in that topic. Consequently, all my political activities would have not been possible without the excellent learning development I went through during my time at Anglo American University. I am very thankful for that life experience. Therefore, it is a great honour for me to represent that university in Switzerland as an Alumni Ambassador. Contact email:


Juraj Vozár
Alumni of the School of International Relations and Diplomacy, Slovakia Ambassador

I am a 2015 AAU graduate of the School of International Relations & Diplomacy. During my studies and after, I have always been rather keen student of society, with focus on minorities, youth and volunteering. Anglo American University, where I have studied and worked provided me with crucial instruments for my future. Beside useful knowledge and ability to sharpen my thinking, I have had a chance to develop a strong network of friends and professionals. Opportunity to learn from the great minds, our professors and students present, has been an experience of great value, helping me to steer my future professional journey. Currently working for an education institute and being in the Board of Directors of international volunteering network, the importance of education keeps reappearing in my life. This reoccurring realization led me to become the AAU Ambassador to Slovakia, as I believe that AAU community is growing stronger, with the increasing quality of education and maintaining the interpersonal connections. “It is all about the people after all.” Contact email:


Rodrigo Miranda García
Alumni of the School of International Relations and Diplomacy, France Ambassador

I was born in Mexico City but I moved to Prague after I finished an exchange program in that captivating city and I graduated in 2009 at the AAU as a Bachelor in International Relations. I have always been passionate about social and personal development and for these reasons I co-founded two NGO's related to those topics, the latest called Sum Mundus. In both organizations I was in charge of the Marketing and Communication strategies and on developing and running their projects. In January 2016 I moved to Paris with Elise, my wife, and I am currently pursuing a Master's Degree on Marketing and Communication with the intention of acquiring the tools needed to put Marketing to the service of the common good. I practice Yoga, Krav Maga and I love sports and arts in general. I am a spiritual person and I believe the reason we're all here is to make the world a better place. Representing the AAU as Alumni Ambassador to France is an honor and an opportunity to build a solid community of Alumni in this beautiful country because we are most definitely stronger when we are united. Contact email: