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New Student Mentor Program

Our way of saying, “Welcome to AAU, welcome to Prague and welcome home!”

About the Program

We know it can be challenging transitioning into a new environment and we want you to enjoy all the excitement that student life in Prague has to offer. Who better to show you around than current students? 

The AAU New Student Mentor Program matches up new students with a group of experienced student volunteers who assist new students in adapting to university life. Whether you are a first-year student, transfer student or exchange student our AAU Mentors are here to help!

Mentors are here to:

  • Guide you through New Student Orientation
  • Answer questions and provide recommendations related to life in Prague
  • Accompany you to visa or other official appointments where you might need help
  • Give you insight into specific degree programs and student resources at AAU
  • Help you meet other students through organized events and activities

Meet the Mentors

Dana Salykbayeva

I’m Dana, I’m from Kazakhstan, it’s going to be my second year and I’m in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, I was in the Film Club last semester. I’d love to help new students with how to get around Prague, all the tips, and which mistakes to avoid. I can teach you a few basic phrases in Czech and can recommend you some apps that can help to easily adjust to living in Prague. Also, I can help with accommodation, classes, and how they work generally. In any case, I’m here to help and ready to chat about anything and I love meeting new friends.

Daniel Gardner

Hello everyone, my name is Dan and it is a pleasure to be here to help you. I am currently a second-year student within the school of International Relations and Diplomacy and I hail from America. I live in Prague with my wife and have been here for about three years. I would like to say I know the city well, but of course, there is a lot to see here. Before attending AAU, I served seven years in the United States Army and naturally, this makes me a military history buff. If you are looking for some good military history about Prague, or perhaps some war memorials, I would be happy to help you. Of course, if you are looking for a good beer at a good price, I would be happy to help you there as well. I hope to be here for you in the future.

Elina Krasnogir

My name is Elina, and I am a new student mentor. I’m originally from Minsk, Belarus. Since I went to university, I have moved to the beautiful city of Prague. Now, this is my 3rd year at AAU, where I’m doing business administration BA. As you can see, I am already quite a seasoned student! At one time, I was also a freshman, and I understand that adaptation challenges are more difficult if you do not have support and a mentor on your side. That is why I am here for you! I will be happy to talk about life in Prague and studies at AAU, share my experience, answer your questions, or just have a coffee in an informal setting. You can also talk to me regarding visas for non-EU students; I will be glad to provide you with some instructions. Other than that, I am cheerful, open-minded, and sociable. At the same time, I’m very ambitious, so I pay great attention to education and self-knowledge. I am sure we can easily find a common language, so do not hesitate to write to me on e-mail or on Instagram. Hope to see you soon in person!
Contact: / @elina_krasnogir

Chanda Mwape

Hi! My name is Chanda Mwape (she/her). I am from Zambia and I am in my final year of the Law program. Having lived with my parents in the same city for—at the time—my whole life, moving on my own to a startlingly different country on a very different continent just a couple of months after my 18th birthday was not easy! Although I don’t recall ever going through extreme culture shock, there are a few things that I particularly struggled with. Getting around with no knowledge of the Czech language (I’ve barely stepped up since then, unfortunately, but it’s actually not that big of a deal!) and finding a comfortable but affordable place to stay are the first two that come to mind. There are definitely a lot more though, some just as complicated and also to do with “adulting”, while others are simple (but not any less significant), like being homesick. I’d be happy to help with any of these struggles and I’ll try my very best to assist with anything else you might need! Don’t hesitate to contact me whenever for whatever. Enjoy AAU and Prague!

Lauren Pray

Hi! My name is Lauren. I am from Prague, Czech Republic, and have lived in 6 different places around the world. Currently, I am studying Business Administration, the president of the Friends Against Violence Club, and a member of AAU’s Business Club. On the side, I tutor Czech and English! I would love to get to know you and show you the best places around Prague, such as beautiful parks, museums, and exciting exhibits.

Daria Lvovska

My name is Daria Lvovska and I am from Ukraine. I am currently finishing my BA studies at the International Relations school. At the AAU I attended Business and Finance as well as MUN clubs. I like reading and watching news/programs about politics and history so if students want to discuss with me any issues related to that, they are welcome! I am also happy to talk about classes, working on campus, living in dorms, and can give recommendations which I hope will be useful. Moreover, I am keen on cooking and eating tasty food so I will be happy to share some recipes and show some good places in Prague where students can relax and enjoy a delicious meal. My other interests are walking around Prague, visiting museums, and traveling.

Mathilde Sandahl

My name is Mathilde Sandahl. I’m from Denmark and I study International Relations at AAU. Besides being a student mentor, I am the event manager of the student council. I also volunteer at Mezipatra queer film festival. I’m a movie geek, a book nerd, and a travel enthusiast. Oh, and I bake a mean banoffee pie. I can show you the best gay bars, the best place to get hot chocolate, the best English bookshops, and the best-hidden gardens. I also know where to buy crumpets and where to find a gynecologist — though I don’t think there is a connection between those two.

Jakub Kanovics

Hello everyone, my name is Jakub Kanovics and currently I am in the final year of my studies at AAU, majoring in business administration with a focus on management. I am 21 years old and come from Bratislava, Slovakia. In my free time, I like to work with music, such as creating awesome DJ sets as well as producing music. As you might have already guessed, I will be really happy and open to talk about music, and everything that comes with it, and therefore if you need some venue recommendations, I will also be happy to help out. Additionally, I enjoy walking around Prague, thus if you need to get somewhere but do not know how, I will gladly assist you and help you find a way. See you at the orientation or around the campus.

Abdulmohaimen Hussien

Hi, my name is Abdulmohaimen Hussien and I’m from Iraq but lived in Jordan most of my life. I enrolled in the international relations program as an extended major. I attended the MUN club that gave us some united nation insights and would like to join any traveling clubs in the future. I’m happy to help students get familiar with public transport, as well as show them the best nature Prague has to offer. I would be more than happy to discuss classes and the nostrification process and how it went for me. Lastly, I recommend some restaurants and hangout places for everyone to connect socially.

Silvia Mercade

Hey there! I am Silvia, and I come from Spain. I am currently studying the MA program in International Relations and Diplomacy. Due to the online format of the classes during this last semester, I joined different AAU clubs (Business and Finance Club, UN Model Club, and Yoga Club) to get to know other students. I’d be happy to help new students with questions regarding where to live in Prague, such as the best restaurants to order from, possible day trips, or where to look for apartments. I can also give you some tips on how to adjust to the classes and how to keep up with the school work!

Nicole Gilberg

Hey everyone! I am Nicole, a second-year student of Business Administration. In the previous semester, I was the Student Council’s Event Manager, which basically meant just online events due to Covid, so I am very excited to see what this year would be like. I am originally from Israel, and for the past 3 years, I have been living in Belarus. I love meeting and getting to know new people, so I encourage you to contact me, and I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have!
Contact: / @nicole_gilberg

Dominika Rakická

Hi, my name is Dominika Rakická and I am from Bratislava, Slovakia.  Currently, I am starting my 3rd year at AAU, where I study BA with a focus on marketing and communications. Czech and Slovakia are pretty similar and I consider Prague as my second home. I will happily teach you some Czech phrases and show you cool places around Prague. In my free time, I like to hang out with my friends or travel around Europe. I love meeting new people and I am also very friendly, so do not be scared to reach out to me if you have any questions about marketing classes or need some recommendations on how to get around Prague. See you at the orientation. :)