Get to know Kirstin Edgar, AAUs’ new Junior Copywriter, and the latest addition to the marketing team. In case you weren’t sure, the marketeers are responsible for developing and executing strategies to successfully communicate the brand, it’s products and services with the intention of growing the AAU community. In her role as a copywriter, she is responsible for tasks such as  editing the website content and writing article pieces for the university and outsourcing platforms. On top of this, Kirstin occasionally aids in social media and content creation with Lilly.

Although originally from a coastal town in the west of Scotland, she more often refers to Edinburgh as home. Shortly after graduating M.A. in Chinese Studies from the University of Edinburgh in 2019 Kirstin moved to Prague for an adventure!

How did you come to AAU, Prague?
While finishing a 6 month internship in another company, my friend and I would have home office together. Searching for what to do next, she found the AAU ad for the copywriting position and in thinking it was perfectly suited to me- sent it over…. I applied immediately. The whole application process felt comfortable, I knew instantly that AAU was the place for me

Why did you choose to live and work in Prague?
It was actually very spontaneous, I already had a life set up in Edinburgh but I didn’t want to get stuck. With a push from a friend, I made the move. It was definitely not easy- finding satisfying work took a long time and I struggled juggling part-time work, a couple of internships, and the effects of the pandemic. 

The social side was good fun though! I made friends quickly and with a new city to explore, it was all very exciting. I now have a collection of favorite places that I love to go to with friends or share with strangers. My regular haunts include The Miners coffee shop (only place I know with decaf coffee that tastes amazing) run by some friends and Kasárna Karlín where, regardless of weather, you can find me every Friday or Saturday.

Prague has a wonderful energy. This city is super rich in history and culture yet appears innovative and new. I love that the architecture is a visual history of the city. There’s a juxtaposition of styles -Gothic, Communist, Renaissance- that seamlessly blend together to tell the story of the city. Also, it’s fun.

by Rafael Keramidas: Prague, CZ, 2019

Tell us some of your interests and hobbies
I occupy my time in a variety of ways- some social, some not. When I want some time to myself, I like to read or watch Netflix- I’m currently reading Selfie by William Storr. It’s a detailed look through the origin and development of the ‘self’ and how we exist in an age of brutal perfectionism in Western civilization. However right now, I’m mostly enjoying being able to go outside and meet up with friends! Once more restrictions are lifted, I hope to reinvigorate myself with dance classes… or clubbing. Whatever comes first.

When you have the chance to travel, what kind of places do you like to see?
I like to see places with a long history. If I travel, I prefer to go with someone from the area I am travelling to. As much as I enjoy sightseeing and excursions, you experience a place more through a local eye. 

Lastly, do you have a quote you live by?
Not really, there is one from Henry Ford my dad tends to repeat to me: “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t- you’re right”. It means that your own attitude is what will determine your success or failure.

If you happen to see Kirstin on campus, be sure to say hello!