DJ, Business Manager, musician, Youtuber, and founder of Repulse Rave – meet the man behind the mixing desk, Oleg Pantelemonenko! Graduating this June, Oleg gives a rundown of what it’s like balancing being a full-time student by day and a full-time touring DJ by night!

Why did you choose to study at AAU?
I found Anglo-American University interesting due to the courses offered and the fact that the courses are taught fully in English. I wanted to extend my knowledge in the field of marketing and communications and AAU felt like the right choice. I needed a university that would give me valuable information which could help me grow in the shipbuilding industry as well as the music industry.

What class left a lasting impression on you?
I would say that it is not much the classes, but the professors and how they provide information to the students from their professional backgrounds that left a lasting impression on me. The classes can have different names and structures, but in the end, it is about the people who are responsible for leading them. For example, Mr. Joel Imhoof, M.Sc. and Mr. Dan Ravick Fiala, M.B.A. gave me a lot of insight into marketing, and critical analysis and even partly changed my way of thinking. Whereas Mr. Christopher Shallow, M.Sc. gave me many useful insights on brand management.

With more than 150 000 fans on YouTube and more than 15 million views collectively, can you tell us about your Youtube career successes?
My Youtube channel went through many stages, as I was basically growing up with it. Starting in 2013 I was doing some sketches with the intention to make people laugh. Now that I look back on this content, I realize how much of a kind I was back then. I was creating prank videos, which gained me around 50 000 subscribers. It was a great trend back in the day and I simply took the opportunity. After creating a fair amount of prank content, I thought it was time to actually put some value into my videos and I started doing social experiments with the intention to point out the problems in today’s society with a little bit of humor. This is something that gained me around 100 000 subscribers and over 10 million views in total.  Now, most of those videos are private or even deleted, as I have decided to move on and chase the newly set goals oriented in the music industry!

How has your career been impacted by what you have studied at AAU?
I would say that my career was impacted in many ways because of my studies. My critical thinking has developed significantly along with analysis and research techniques. Additionally, I have gained some interesting tips/insights from professors, which I have implemented throughout my career. I know how to sell my services, and products and how to professionally communicate in order to successfully close a business deal or bookings in music venues.

What achievement are you most proud of?
I know it may sound foolish, but there is so much yet to be achieved. Don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful for many things. Our family business, Barkmet, was on CNN Prima, I have been registered in the database of Czech celebrities, and there are articles about me in magazines (such as CaliPost and Blesk) and on Wikipedia which still blows my mind to this day.

What fuels me is actually the process itself. Once I achieve certain goals, even the long-term ones, I ask myself “That’s it? What’s next?”. I don’t think I will ever be satisfied with any of my accomplishments as I always want to try to achieve something new and challenging- no matter how complicated. So the next goals for me are to be featured in Forbes and Ultra Miami!

Where have you played in the Czech Republic/ Where are you playing in the Czech Republic or abroad?
I have played in multiple clubs across Prague, Teplice, Karlovy Vary, Jablonec nad Nisou, and many other cities. Once I played in a small music venue in Dresden, Germany and I would like to expand more to the countries abroad as I see a lot of potentials there. So, if any of you readers are club owners here or abroad… let me know!

What is your most memorable performance to date?
Definitely at my very own event “Repulse Rave”. It was in Chomutov city and despite it being the first event with an unknown name, we have filled a small concert hall with more than 350 people- close to the max 400 person capacity! Everybody wanted to let themselves free and party, so this Repulse Rave event created an amazing and unforgettable atmosphere!

What upcoming events are you evolved in?
Due to state exams I, unfortunately, have been unable to take many bookings. Right now, the only date I can share is June 17, 2022, at Luxor Club in Česká Lípa. The theme is “Beach Party”- partly under my coordination with the club owner. I expect it to be a full club event! If anyone is mad about raving, I list all my bookings on my Instagram.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue their own inner dreams?
It may sound like a cliché but listen to your inner self. If you feel, that there is something that would make you happy and you would be good at it, dedicate yourself to it! Study hard, do proper research and just try, try, try! Stop caring about what others think and whether or not you’re told it’s a bad idea – this is actually the point where many people start to overthink and give up their dreams… Choose wisely who will be next to you during your “journey” and listen to those people only. Whether it is your family or long-time friends, they will surely help you in the hard times! Go for it!

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