Spirit Week is drawing near! This year’s theme is “cultures”, and we have plenty of great events planned for you to have fun with, starting with “Running with the Trophy” and the Pub Quiz on October 3rd and ending with International Food Day and Beer Pong on October 7th—with some others in between, such as Scategories, a poker tournament, and bowling.  

If you are new to AAU, Spirit Week is a week of events in which teams of students from each of the Schools compete against each other for the title of “Most Spirited”! For the past two years, the School of International Relations & Diplomacy has been in the lead… which School will emerge victorious this year?!  

School of International Relations & Diplomacy win the Spirit Trophy, 2021

One thing more…

We need your help to make this the greatest Spirit Week ever—AAU’s most Spirited Week ever! Sign up now to participate and compete in the events for your School, to become a captain to organize your own student team for the events, and to be an official Spirit Week organizer to aid in the organization of the events.

Sign up here. For more information, please contact Student Life (student.life@aauni.edu)