Anglo-American University (AAU) recently launched a new initiative designed to give high school students in Czechia and Slovakia an authentic glimpse into the international university experience. 

The High School Outreach Program will deliver more than 30 specialized college lectures to high school classrooms across the two countries. Taught on-site by a cadre of expert lecturers from around the world, classes will encompass a diverse range of subjects, including arts & culture, business, technology, and international relations. 

Lessons will span 45 minutes and be conducted entirely in English, presenting a valuable opportunity for students to improve their language proficiency—a vital skill for those with aspirations of studying or working in an international environment. 

Recruitment Manager Martin Opatrný, who spearheaded the initiative and will also be serving as one of its lecturers, said lessons will reflect AAU’s accredited and distinctly “American” mode of education, which places a premium on student involvement and individual thought.

“Our teaching quality has been recognized and accredited by the WASC, underscoring our commitment to excellence in education. This commitment extends to our High School Outreach Program,” he commented. “And it’s not just English that will enter the high school classroom through this program; it’s an American style of education that promotes interactive learning and critical thinking, with students being encouraged to express their opinions and participate in class discussions.” 

Opatrný said he feels the program will assist in directing participants’ decisions down the road and expose them to possibilities they might not otherwise have been aware of. 

“I believe the project will help students make more informed decisions about their future and encourage them to step out of the shadows, believe in their abilities, and choose a more challenging but rewarding path,” he opined.

High schools engaged in the program will have the option to host multiple AAU lecturers simultaneously, with a recommended two to three concurrent lectures per school. Additionally, the University’s partnership with SCIO, an educational benchmarking organization, will allow students to take GAP tests for free, with the top five performers being rewarded an overnight stay (chaperoned) on the AAU campus and a tour of the university. 

Mgr. Kateřina Fousová, a teacher at the Management Academy in Jihlava, Czechia, commented on the Outreach Program’s merits and the positive reception it enjoyed in her school:

I highly value the two days we spent with the AAU lecturers and believe they were a great asset to our students. I particularly appreciate the friendly atmosphere and the professional expertise of the lecturers. However, I believe the greatest praise comes from our students, who gave the lectures rave reviews.” 

High schools interested in participating in the program are encouraged to reach out to Mr. Opatrný at or +420 721 611 816 to discuss the details and arrange for an introductory presentation. Students and parents may likewise contact him directly for assistance in initiating the program within their respective schools.

More information on the High School Outreach Program can be found here