Hello, Ahoj, Salut, Hola, Olá, Ciao, Привет, Hej, Hallo!

Are you interested in learning a language and sharing your own language with others? Doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or intermediate speaker, practicing is the key to improving your language skills!

Check out the new AAU Language Buddy Program if you are looking for a language tandem partner or group, please fill in this form. This form will help us to see how many students would be interested in the program and which languages they speak/want to improve. Once we know the number of interested students, we will get to work creating an Excel file with all the students and their offered languages, so that everybody can find their right partner(s)! In case you have more questions, feel free to contact Giulia Di Benedetto. Giulia is coordinating the program and will be in touch with you for more information.