Do you want to make an impact at AAU? Becoming a member of the AAU Student Council means you can make a difference in the student experience as a leading representative of the student body. Feeling like raising issues concerning students or perhaps you prefer organizing events and activities? You can do all these things by becoming an AAU Student Council member.

Currently, the Student Council has three positions to fill, each lasting for the remainder of the school year:

Event Manager 

  • Plan and execute all on-campus events for the student body. 
  • Create an event schedule and work in conjunction with the Treasurer to establish a budget for each event. 
  • Collaborate with AAU Staff (Student Life, etc) on special events like the Awards Ceremony and Balls  
  • Delegate event-specific tasks and roles to other SC members, in particular to the Outreach Agent  

Outreach Agent  

  • Organize and plan student trips to places within and outside of Prague.  
  • Organize non-academic workshops for students by bringing interested external organizations.  
  • Facilitate party deals and social events for AAU students with outside companies. This can be achieved through organizations like MADPrague, Erasmus in Prague, etc.  
  • Identify potential areas of collaboration with other universities that can be beneficial for AAU students. 
  • Collaborate with the Events Manager in organizing events on campus to ensure they are relevant and interesting to the students. 

Student Engagement Coordinator 

  • Monitor the SC Course Crisis Alerts form and take appropriate action. 
  • Process student complaints and feedback through designated channels (ex. WhatsApp chat; Google forms; etc.) and present them at SC meetings.  
  • Create surveys on Google forms for SC-related activities (in cooperation with PR and Events). 
  • Furnish and maintain student lounges by cleaning, organizing, and obtaining necessary equipment. 
  • Manage and coordinate shifts for the student Merch Coordinators.  
  • Report issues related to campus facilities. 
  • Identify and stay up to date with the most pressing issues. 
  • Represent the SC in the Faculty Senate meetings. 

How to Apply

To get on the ballot so you can be elected, you must:

1) Be a current and registered AAU student in good standing
2) Submit the Student Council application form with your name, School, and a motivation paragraph.

Candidates will be accepted from now until January 1st, 2023. Then voting takes place January 2nd-8th, and the new members will be announced on January 9.

If you are interested in applying to be a candidate, you can contact Daniel Padolsky ( or fill out the online application form.