Calling all AAU Alumni -it’s time to elect our new Alumni Council! Alumni Council is a representative body for the Alumni Community which guides and promotes lifelong, symbiotic relationships between the university and our alumni. The Council is elected for a two-year term to advise on development of the university by sitting on various institution committees and also advising and working with the Alumni Office on how to improve our Alumni Community.

There are 3 levels of engagement:

  • Candidate
  • Vote
  • Participate


Who’s eligible to run as a candidate?

Any member of the AAU Alumni community currently residing in the Czech Republic. (You can nominate yourself, or a fellow alum!) 

Nominees are advised to self-promote among their fellow alumni for votes!

To whom are nominations sent?

Please send an email to Dana Aleksic, Alumni Council Secretary, at 

When are nominations due?

Deadline is January 10, 2022.

When are the elections held?

Elections are held from Monday, January 17 until Monday, January 24, 2022, at midnight. Voting forms will be sent out via email.

When are the results announced?

January 26, 2022!


Who’s eligible to vote?

Members of the AAU Alumni community. This includes anyone who has graduated from Anglo-American University (formerly Anglo-American College), with a Bachelor and/or Master degree.

How to vote?

The list of candidates running for Alumni Council will be announced on Monday, January 17, 2022. Voting forms, along with links to candidate profiles, will be sent to all alumni via e-mail, and shared on AAU’s social media.

How many Alumni Council members are there?

There are 5 members. When voting, you may select up to 5 candidates from the total number nominated.

When is the deadline for voting?

January 24, 2022.


Where to find info on upcoming events/activities?

Where to find general AAU alumni info?

Visit the Alumni webpage!

Who to contact if you want to take an active role?