We are so proud to share with you Alumna Anita Hansen Hrubešová, a self-starter calligraphy queen who was recently interviewed by Forbes magazine about her entrepreneurial successes.

Graduating in 2017, Anita has earned both a BA in International Relations, 2015, and a Master’s degree in Business and Law in International Markets (both from AAU) before embarking on a life-changing journey in founding her own company, Copenhagen Calligraphy living all around the globe and starting her own family. In this insightful Forbes piece, Anita recounts her steps in creating and developing what was once a fun hobby into a full-time, successful business. Taking the Scandinavian market by storm, Anita quickly found her services in high demand across the world and various industries- from luxury brands, and royalty to wedding invitations, and workshops.

Additionally, enjoy this AAU exclusive interview with Anita about her company; her experience while studying at AAU; the life lessons she’s learned; and what advice she has for ambitious students.

Forbes.cz, 2021

Read the full Forbes article in Czech (we suggest you use the Chrome translate plug-in) on Forbes.cz. Forbes is a well-renowned American business magazine owned by Whale Media Investments and the Forbes family. They feature many articles covering finance, industry, investing, and marketing topics.