Recently interviewed by The Wire, Pavla Jonssonová Ph.D. (pictured right), discusses what it was like to be the first riot grrrl in Czechoslovakia during the Soviet era. Giving insight into her journey with feminism, becoming a feminist scholar at Anglo-American University and later, one of the first lecturers to teach gender studies in the Czech Republic, Pavla exposes the challenges of being in an all-girl band in the alternative rock scene on the other side of the “Iron Curtain”. From the formation and evolution of her band (Plyn, Dybbuk, and Zuby Nehty) to having written a book titled “Women, Music, Creativity: From Hildegard To Cosey Fanni Tutti (2017)”, Pavla encapsulates the youth zeitgeist of1980s Czechoslovakia and beyond!

You can find the full interview in English on The Wire. Independent since 1982, The Wire is a UK-based international print and online music magazine. Reporting on a wide array of alternative, underground and experimental music from around the globe, this magazine celebrates those behind the vision and radical nature of Avant-rock.