School of Journalism, Media & Visual Arts lecturer Douglas Arellanes is one of this year’s “Space Wranglers” in the Moz://a Festival’s Creative AI space which has curated 9 online artworks from leading artists worldwide and another 26 sessions, workshops and panel discussions.

MozFest is no ordinary tech conference. As the organizers say, “It is a whirl of people and ideas, sparks of curiosity and connection, and a vibe that is buzzing, dynamic and full of positive energy. The festival is one of a kind.” It hosts 12 days of programming, 400 sessions with over 3000 participants from 80+ countries. It starts on the 8th of March, so make sure not to miss it!

As a side note, you might know the NGO Moz://a for creating the Firefox web browser!

The people who create this amazing event together with the Moz://a staff are labeled Wranglers and our lecturer Douglas Arellanes is one of this year’s “Space Wranglers”!

Douglas is a technologist, broadcaster and software developer focusing on innovative technology solutions for journalism. A co-founder of the Czech nonprofit institute Sourcefabric, he has won several awards for his technology solutions with news organizations in developing countries. Currently as the founder and manager of the Mural Software he enables young artists to express their work through an innovative digital tool Mural.

Below you can see some examples of our student work expressed via the Mural software as a part of their student projects: