Anglo-American University (AAU) has expanded its Humanities, Society, and Culture (HSC) undergraduate program to include a concentration in psychology. Building on the general education and major courses found in the dually-accredited HSC BA program, it is designed to allow students to explore the complexities of human behavior and the inner workings of the mind. 

The Psychology concentration integrates theory with practical application and introduces students to a broad range of psychological principles, methods, and techniques within four core areas: Psychology and the Mind, Psychology and Society, Organizational Psychology, and varied perspectives on psychology.

It is constructed to help graduates emerge with a deep understanding of human behavior, critical thinking skills, and ethical awareness, while equipping them with the skills to either enter any one of a broad spectrum of psychology-related fields or to pursue graduate studies.

“This concentration is a springboard for further development,” said Dr. Karen Grunow-Hårsta, Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences. “There is a great emphasis [today] on mental health—emotional and mental well-being—so there are many opportunities for graduates in coaching, counseling, education, marketing, HR—even AI. There’s an array of possibilities.”

Students of the Psychology concentration are required to complete a practically oriented internship course designed to provide valuable work experience and to help them discover areas to apply their acquired knowledge and skills. The course is overseen by the career development specialist with the Career Center coordinating and monitoring internships and providing help to interns throughout the process.  

The modular structure of the Psychology concentration allows students to align their studies with their career aspirations and personal goals by preferentially choosing from a range of required and optional courses. Additionally, foundational HSC coursework helps ensure graduates are able to demonstrate knowledge not only of psychology but of the humanities and social sciences broadly.

The establishment of a psychology concentration at AAU is, at least in part, a response to the growing demand for education on the subject. According to Grunow-Hårsta, interest in psychology is on the rise in the Czech Republic. Likewise, across the pond, data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) indicates a 14% increase in demand for psychologists through 2026, ensuring generous job availability for those who pursue postgraduate studies in psychology.  

This demand, in turn, extends to various psychology-related subfields, including those concerned with substance abuse, behavioral disorders, mental health, and marriage and family therapy, opening up any number of career opportunities for those with a background in psychology. Moreover, it can be said that an understanding of the human mind and behavior will serve one well in just about any field or task involving human interaction.

But no matter what sphere of activity a graduate may decide to enter upon, Dr. Joshua Hayden, Chair of the Department of Social Sciences, said that, ultimately, the prime benefit of a grounding in psychology lies in its power to impart insight and empathy to the student and the improvements in character that come as a result. 

“To achieve success and significance in any field, one needs to understand themselves and others,” explained Hayden. “Psychology builds a deeper understanding of the human condition…We need more people of character shaped by knowledge of human flourishing and dysfunction, [and] this is the type of person a psychology[-concentrated] degree encourages.”

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