Following a successful open night, AEON continues to intrigue and delight audiences. In an engaging curational project, AAU student Maximillian Mansfeld has created an exhibition under the concept, “AEON”. Coming from the greek “aion” meaning “timelessness”, the artwork exhibited seeks to confront the separation in how we view historical, as well as contemporary, works. Placing the Baroque painting Apotheosis by Giacomo del Po in a room of its successors gives us, as the viewer, a chance to see and reflect.

Opening night, AEON Exhibition, 2022

“AEON shows perspectives on history that are both uncomfortable and beautiful. To demonstrate the past as a part of the present we must display it in its nakedness, not seclude it through excuse or condemnation”

Maximillian, 2022

There are only a few days left to see this exhibition, experience AEON for yourself, and have your own timeless moment.