The following is a message from the AAU President regarding the status of the 30th Anniversary AAU Ball.

Dear members of the AAU community,

We regret to inform you that due to the health concerns related to COVID-19 the AAU Anniversary Ball will no longer be held this Friday, March 13th.

This decision was made after careful review of governmental instructions regarding public and private events, and in an effort to minimize the risk regarding a potential COVID-19 transmission to the AAU community. As you know from our regular updates, a protocol and procedures are in place to minimize the risk regarding a potential COVID-19 transmission in our classrooms and on our campus. However, holding an event of up to 300 people in a relatively small indoor space, and open to external guests, was deemed to be to high of a risk to health and safety. 

The situation required a swift decision by the AAU management after consultation with representatives of the Board of Trustees and was made in order to protect all members of the AAU community, keeping in mind  the unpredictability of developments in regard to COVID-19. 

We understand that the Ball was an event widely looked forward to by many in our community, but the concern for human welfare in general and the safety of our community in particular made this decision inevitable. 

At this time, we are  planning to reschedule the ball to a later date. If we are able to hold the ball later this semester, all already purchased tickets will be valid for the later date. For those who will find that they cannot attend the rescheduled date, tickets will be refunded at full price.

With regards to other events planned or requested to be held at AAU, we are assessing necessary steps and will inform the community as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding.

President, Štěpán Müller