Whether it’s for university or for your job, working from home can have its perks and its hitches. AAU Alumnus and partner at Procrastination.com, Juraj Vozar, unpacks how to optimize your work from home routine during these unprecedented times.

Vozar is an alumnus of AAU’s Masters in International Relations & Diplomacy program. Since graduating he has had an extensive career as a trainer for Fortune 500 companies, a consultant for social enterprises and NGO’s throughout Europe, and most currently as a partner at Procrastination.com where he shares strategies for optimizing your productivity.

In light of the current COVID-19 situation that has effected the way people work around the globe, Vozar has some tips and insight below to help us optimize our current circumstances.

When we want to boost our productivity, get the work done or just stay sane while doing so, we all have principles and tips on how to manage ourselves, our space and our time. In the current ‘QuaranTimes’, many of us may have a bit more time and quite less space to manage. This could bring a different set of challenges when trying to manage ourselves. Let’s take a look at 5 tips that can help us work more efficiently from home. 


I will speak from my perspective, but maybe you can see yourself in the following lines: 

Many times, when I do not feel the best, there is a sort of unease or inner tension, it leads me to thinking of some profound, deep-seated existential questions, ideas and considerations: 

  • “What is wrong with me again?”
  • “How can I achieve more balance in my life?”
  • “Shouldn’t I be somewhere else in life, at this (st)age?”
  • “What difference do I make in the world?” 
  • “What is the meaning to all of this?”

Believe it or not, it’s not only me! Many people are like this. What to do, when you go through your version of such a state of mind, is a Baby Test

  • “Did I eat (well)?”
  • “Did I go to poo/pee? 
  • “Did I drink?” (enough of water/alcohol)
  • “Am I cold”
  • “Did I sleep (well)?”

As the most advanced masters of our universe and developed beings, we tend to think of our issues at this same high level (think of the top of the Maslow’s pyramid). Yet, this simple check may help you identify a very simple lacking particle to your home-o-stasis and well-being. 

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It is our choice and responsibility, even during a prolonged stay at home due to COVID-19, to be as proactive as we need to be. When we step outside, our responsibility is also to be as preventive as we should be.

Watch an informational video on how to slow the coronavirus here