Due to COVID-19 health concerns, the Czech Government has banned the presence of students at schools and universities and beginning Friday, March 13th AAU students will continue with their course work online until a return to face-to-face instruction is permitted. Below are some tips to help students continue to succeed in their studies while at a distance.

1. Check your email frequently for instructions

It is important to be informed and prepared for the launch of distance learning. Read your email carefully for instructions from your teachers and AAU’s IT department – each class will be handled slightly differently. (The specific way that your class will run will depend on the instructor and the subject matter. Some examples may include: assigned readings with discussion questions or a written assignment; streaming videos of lectures; home assignments; PowerPoint slides with voice narration, etc.) Regardless of subject matter all students will receive an email with their Microsoft Teams credentials and instructions on how to proceed.

*Please note: If you can’t log into Microsoft Teams you can ask for a new password reset through „Forgot password“ or write to it@aauni.edu and the IT folks will reset the password for you.

2. Make sure you have reliable technology

Technology glitches happen, but to avoid complications make sure you have access to a reliable internet connection and devices that work. Class attendance remains mandatory so having reliable internet access will be imperative to attending classes as usual. You can also prepare ahead of time by downloading the Microsoft Teams app or planning to use your web browser to connect. 

3. Create a dedicated study space

While the campus is closed to students, you will be able to join classes from a location of your choice. Do you have a quiet, comfortable, organized place to attend class? Prepare your study space with snacks, good light and all the materials you need beforehand so class time is only about logging on and learning! 

4. Avoid unnecessary distraction

Try to log out of social networks, don’t browse in another window unless the instructor calls for it and set your other devices to „work mode“ or „do not disturb.“ Also, it may be helpful to notify your family and friends of your new study situation to avoid unnecessary interruption while you are doing your schoolwork. 

5. Stay motivated and ask questions   

We don’t know how long the current situation will last, so in the meantime don’t underestimate the need to fully commit to online learning. Continue to be curious and motivated students, participate in online class discussions and group activities, and ask questions to your instructor whenever necessary.

We hope this will help keep the AAU community on track with our academic goals and healthy until a return to face-to-face instruction is permitted. If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to reach out to your Academic Dean or Dean of Students, Ana Hernandez Blackstad at ana.blackstad@aauni.edu. 

To stay up to date with the latest university health updates and resources visit our page www.aauni.edu/health-wellness/.