Zooming Out with Tomáš Ervín Dombrovský: the Future of the Labour Market

Zooming out with tomáš ervín dombrovský: the future of the labour market

AAU Campus, Room 2.07

AAU’s Zoom Out lecture series creates space for big thinkers and doers from all sectors to step-back, assess the current state of affairs, and creatively think above the silos of day-to-day work about where society is going and how we can improve it.

In the second Zoom Out open lecture we’re going to shed some light on the future of the labour market with Tomáš Ervín Dombrovský. The labour market is kind of a big deal. It’s where we spend a lot of our energy and time, while it also gives us a sense of purpose and livelihood. Furthermore, a pretty centerstage role in social and environmental well-being.

The labour market is changing faster than ever from factors like aging populations, AI and technology, and climate change. How can we prepare ourselves for this future? Come and find out.