Women’s Artistic Dissent: a Talk with Author & Former AAU Lecturer Brenda Flanagan

Room 2.07

Author and former AAU lecturer Dr. Brenda Flanagan will come to discuss her new book Women’s Artistic Dissent: Repelling Totalitarianism in Pre-1989 Czechoslovakia, on March 6, 2024, from 3 pm to 5 pm, in Room 2.07.

The book, which Flanagan co-authored with Hana Waisserová, is a tribute to female dissidents in communist-era Czechoslovakia. Flanagan’s contributions to the volume focus heavily on Surrealist artist and writer Eva Švankmajerová, who helped forge an artistic landscape that gave space for freedom, resistance, and empathy could exist—this within a nation oppressed and a male-dominated dissident culture.

Flanagan is senior professor of English at Davidson College, with a focus in creative writing, Caribbean and African-American literature, and literary analysis. She is the recipient of numerous literary awards and serves as cultural ambassador for the the US Department of State, a role which has taken her to many countries around the globe.