Webinar: How to Successfully Submit an AAU Application



AAU will hold an insightful webinar on Tuesday, February 6, 2024, at 4 pm (CET) designed to guide you through the application process.

​​​​​​In this informative session, led by two of AAU’s dedicated admissions counselors, you’ll receive expert guidance to navigate the application process smoothly and successfully. Look into the key steps involved in submitting your application, including:​​​​

  • A comprehensive overview of the AAU application process
  • Gathering essential application materials
  • Discussing the best practices for the application process
  • Sharing details about AAU admission interview
  • Identifying the right program for your aspirations

This webinar is an essential resource for prospective students who are seeking guidance on the application process.

​​​​​​Secure your spot today by registering HERE.