Time Management with Petra Narwa

Room 2.07

Time is a finite resource and as such, it needs to be effectively managed!

Time management is very important and it may actually affect your performance and achievements. It’s about planning and controlling your “time budget”. Even those who were organized people back home may find that coming to a new environment with new rules and an academic system needs a bit of re-organization to keep up!

Within this course, we will touch on the important skills (not only) students need to manage time effectively:

  • Motivation and mindset
  • Organizing your time – Effective Planning, Prioritizing activities as per their importance.
  • Organizing your mind – Setting goals and objectives
  • Organizing your mind – Focus vs. switching, keeping your mind clear
  • Choosing the right tools to help you keep your time organized

Everyone is welcome to join for a journey to higher productivity!