Strange Spring | Art Exhibit

Atrium Žižkov, Čajkovského 12, Praha 3

The AAU Community is invited to an art exhibition by AAU lecturer, Veronika Šrek Bromová.

Everyone is welcome to the art exhibit that will open on Thursday, June 4th, at 18:00 at Atrium Žižkov, Čajkovského 12, Praha 3 .

About the exhibit: The exhibition project of a well-known Czech visual artist and performer working with new media (photography, video) and installation, responds to the surprising accelerating events around us caused by the pandemic and declaration of a state of emergency. In her installation called eloquently, STRANGE SPRING, the author returns, in connection with the outbreak of a pandemic, to thematize the disrupted relationship between man and nature against the background of ecological, spiritual and systemic changes that can be recorded in recent years on a local and global scale.