Professors in the Pub: Ukraine – One Year into the “One Week War”


Cafe Des Taxis

Each month, come to Café Des Taxis to have a drink and discussion with professors and other experts about important events happening in the world. Share your questions and your views, and join the long tradition of politics in the pub. 

This month:

On February 24, 2022, Russia launched a three-front attack and invasion across Ukraine, massively escalating the frozen conflict that had begun in 2014. In so doing, Russia unleashed unthinkable death and destruction upon the people and land of Ukraine, threw the world into crisis and instability, unwittingly demonstrated itself to be a third-rate (albeit nuclear) military power, and united and strengthened the resolve of NATO and the West in ways unthinkable prior to 2/24/22. Ukraine exists, free though embattled, and has been successful in pushing Russia back on the battlefield. Russia is isolated and hemorrhaging, with none of its threats and gambles so far paying off. The war is nowhere near over, though. Can Ukraine win the war, and will winning the war mean achieving lasting security? What will the aftermath of the war mean for Ukraine? What will the aftermath of the war mean for Russia? What are the consequences of this crisis for other regions? Come discuss these questions and ask your own. 

The lead professor will be George Hays II, Chair of International Relations.